Kill The Irishman Trailer: Meet the Rasputin of Mobsters

Sure, some mobster movies function as elegant allegories for the American dream, capitalism and greed. But by the time the tenth bomb explodes over the blaring hip-hop/metal soundtrack in the trailer for Kill The Irishman, it seems pretty clear that this particular based-on-a-true story mafia saga is mostly about the violence and tough-guy posturing associated with the genre. While it looks like a total bore, it does make you miss Christopher Walken.

It's nice to see him in a film besides say, Balls of Fury or The Country Bears, but his tics and mannerisms here just bring to mind his much better roles of yesteryear. The movie looks like it mostly belongs to Ray Stevens, who plays a hot-headed and apparently unkillable Irish gangster that screws over the mafia and then brags about it on national TV. Besides Walken, he's also got Vincent D'Onofrio and Val Kilmer on his tail. Cars explode, guns go off...more cars explode; you know the drill. Take every gangster movie cliche ever invented and cut it into a trailer and you've got Kill the Irishman.

Verdict: Pass.

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