Gift Guide: Buy Patton Oswalt's Lifetime Ice Cream Supply for Charity

oswalt_carvel_card.jpgFrom Movieline's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, Carvel Ice Cream handed out 75 black cards to different celebrities (you know, the people who really need these sorts of things) that are good for a lifetime supply of ice cream from the chain. Well, technically it's good for $25 per week in ice cream products, so if you need more than that, keep looking. In any case, Patton Oswalt is auctioning his card off for charity. It may seem a bit pricey, but it must pay for itself eventually right? Let's do some math.

With five days left, the price is at $4,999. Let's say it closes out around $10,000. Divide by the $25 per week the card allows and it looks like this baby will be worth your while after 400 weeks! So assuming you live longer than about 7.7 years, this is a bargain! Also, according the auction, you'll get Oswalt's original card, so it has the celebrity memorabilia thing going for it too. Happy bidding!

$4,999 (and rising) + $4.90 shipping @ Ebay


  • Andrew says:

    I wouldn't pay ANY money for that card.
    Read the fine print, "Personal appearance of named cardholder required at time of purchase."
    So whoever buys it, gets NO ice cream at all (unless your name is Patton Oswalt or you are accompanied by him).

  • David Davies says:

    @Andrew, Carvel have said that they will honour the card after the auction whoever wins it.

  • BK says:

    You can't get any ice cream unless the celebrity is present. That's what the card says. Dina Lohan got in trouble for using without having Lindsay present. What makes you think you'll be any different?
    So yeah, buy the card and you won't get squat. It is a total loss.

  • Jason Glugla says:

    More of the wealthy getting free stuff and being treated like heroes for giving it away. Take Oprah for instance, she gets Quantas to provide free airfare along with free hotels and gets worshipped for providing her audience with a trip to Australia. Now all who worship at the foot of Oprah may throw your hate bombs at me.

  • Bethlehem says:

    Yeah, give to those who help people remember how to lie, cheat and steal. What about the poor? It would be a Miracle to see the world do something right, like GOD would like?????
    Maybe they are using the famous to be more popular,
    since these days, people love money more than their own souls.

  • Brian Clark says:

    One more time. From the auction page (questionable grammar aside):
    # Original card was issued to Patton Oswalt and will be transferred to the winner's name
    # Patton has already called Carvel and got their approval to transfer his card for charity