90210 Exclusive: Meet Teddy's New [Major Spoiler Alert]!

For someone who's not even out of the closet, 90210's resident gay Teddy (Trevor Donovan) sure is seeing a lot of action.

On the heels of the wannabe McEnroe's first man-on-man smooch with current love interest Ian (Kyle Riabko), the increasingly addictive CW soap has cast newcomer Freddie Smith to play Teddy's super-athletic and friendly new beau Marco.

Although a 90210 rep declined to comment, a West Bev insider tells me that [spoiler alert!] Smith is being brought in to fill the void left by Riabko, who is leaving of his own accord. (I'm told Riabko wants to make himself available for the looming pilot season).

Smith is slated to debut in February.


  • Andy says:

    Just when I thought 90210 was giving us a solid story line, we're losing Ian?!
    I guess he'll be hanging out with Rob Estes and Dustin Milligan... wherever they are now.

  • TVanvatos says:

    I don't care who Teddy is with I just love watching him.

  • Jones19 says:

    This blows...I really like Ian.

  • Roger says:

    Yeah, it's too bad Ian is leaving. I wonder how they'll handle that on the show. I hope it's not a messy breakup. So, because Riabko wants to leave the show already (wow, he really didn't stick around), they're turning Teddy into a bit of a gay slut, moving from guy to guy? I imagine he was like this with girls too, and now he's going to do the same thing with guys? *sigh*

  • TurdBlossom says:

    This is still on? Really???

  • Omar says:

    That insider tid about Kyle makes him dislike him, so I'm choosing not to believe it. The gay shipper in me is heartbroken because these two were adorbs together, but maybe role loyalty in this case for Riabko wasn't worth it, not even for fan happiness. But just based on his look, the heterosexuality and leading ability of other characters for him is going to be questionable and I feel like 90210 will pick up steam in the second half, hopefully resulting in another season pick-up. So maybe a pointless break Kyle?
    And yeah Freddie Smith is attractive, yet I still find myself disappointed that they didn't cast a gay of ethnic minority (forbid Dixon lose his slurry nickname of "Token" over at AfterElton). They even cast someone of close to maximum compatibility with Teddy, race aside (presuming that even matters). I guess since he isn't eligible to swap partners rather incestuously within the show's center group, they have to think long-term in who he is partnered with.
    Let's hope there's at least a well-done bedroom or morning after scene between Teddy and Ian before Kyle allegedly goes on the pilot hunt.

  • Ken05 says:

    "That insider tid about Kyle makes me dislike him"
    Me too, actually. I mean, of course Kyle has a right to explore other roles, but he (along with Trevor) has received a ton of favorable fan responses and is contributing positively to our society by telling this story, so why not stay on, finish the third season, and keep people happy? Then they could have introduced Marco for a neat little love triangle storyline while Teddy continues to come to terms with his sexuality. Anyway, I believe that insider tidbit, so I'm just going to accept it, though it doesn't make me any less upset. Teddy and Ian were perfect for each other. You should have stayed, Kyle. 🙁

  • anonymous says:

    I guess they couldn't help it if the actor wanted to leave for Pilot season but its sad that the relationship that they were building between Teddy and Ian is going to be derailed.

  • Anonymous says:

    You'd think Kyle's stock would rise by sticking around 90210 for the rest of the season, especially with the positive press the storyline (and the show overall) has been getting lately. Granted, I don't know how Hollywood works, but you'd think he could finish out the season, transition out of the role next fall (especially with Teddy in college and likely surrounded by more romantic options than are currently available at West Beverly HS). Is there something special about this year's pilot season that we don't know about?

  • daniel hicks says:

    Besides the "short-lived" EDF, I feel like I am in a game drought. Nothing is coming out until September!