Glee Exclusive: Blaine, Kurt to Deliver Super Destiny's Child Cover

Are the Dalton Academy Warblers about to fall on hard financial times? Sources confirm to me exclusively that Glee's Darren Criss-fronted group will belt out a cover of the Destiny's Child tune "Bills Bills Bills" during the show's post-Super Bowl episode on Feb. 6.

There's no word why Blaine, Kurt & Co. will be grumbling about paying their "telephone and automo' bills," particularly considering the special hour will focus on rival school McKinley High's football championship. Maybe Kurt wants to cheer on his former classmates but can't afford the steep ticket price? I'm just spit-balling here. If you've got a better theory, hit the comments section!


  • Matt says:

    Kurt can't afford to go to Dalton anymore?

  • Dawn says:

    Maybe Blaine can't afford Dalton, and they're both transferring to McKinley!

  • Lea says:

    Maybe they're gonna do a mash-up and demonstrate their alliance to the Buffalo Bills :P

  • Kristen says:

    My guess is that one/both of them cannot affort Dalton and are transferring to McKinley. It would certainly fit, considering Darren Criss (Blaine) is going to stick around as a series regular...

  • suebrody says:

    LOL, Lea. I want to see them back at McKinley, so I'm hopeful that's what it means...I have to think that Kurt's financial situation isn't nearly as good as Blaine's (though who knows? We don't even know Blaine's last name yet!). I miss them at ND. Kurt looks much cuter in his Kurt fashionista look. But the duet should be epic.

  • Angel Black says:

    First off the super bowel episode of Glee is the football time and Cheerleading team. Not whether are not Blaine , Kurt and the warblers having financial situation,

  • Juanjo says:

    My theory is that it will be Daren, becuase, for the ones who doesn't know, Darren character is becoming a series regular, starting the first episode of the second half of the season and for the third one two, so if thats fit more of what could happen and by Darren leaving I don't think Kurt will stay for a while at Dalton Academy and maybe he's the one who suggest his old school to Daren, but the theory about the school in money problems may be true, because one of the songs they will cover is Maroon 5 Misery, but it's just a theory that I think it would be great for the New Directions opportunities at regionals and nationals.

  • Juanjo says:

    sorry, at the end of the post, I didn't write well, what I meant is that, wouldn't it be great if they I mean Kurt and Blaine move to New Direction, that will boost their opportunities

  • Maddie says:

    oh man! i wish it was say my name. tehe, that would be pretty hard to relate to a story line, but those 2 can make ANYTHING work, and have it be unbeleviably adorable at the same time.

  • maddie says:

    OMG! or lose my breath! definetly epic :)
    but the sweetest would be Cater 2 U....

  • Phoenix says:

    I sorta thought that they (like, the other Warblers) were all just singing about their girlfriends spending all their money~ and Blaine and Kurt were singing about their family and friends using their money?? o.o
    I dunno~ but I really like everyone elses idea! That Blaine and Kurt can't pay for tuition anymore~!! That'd be TOTALLY AWESOME~~ :D :D

  • Kristen says:

    While I would love to say that both Blaine and Kurt will be transferring to ND, I'm pretty sure this won't happen during the super bowl episode due to something I read which says that Blaine and Kurt will be singing outside of a Gap with the Warblers on the Valentine's episode.

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