VIDEO: Ron Weasley Really Wants Some 'Beigels'

Of all the Harry Potter kid stars, Rupert Grint might be my favorite. After all, this is a guy who bought an ice cream truck when he got his driver's license...just because he always wanted to have an ice cream truck. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this video of Grint and some of his London club kid friends staggering through the street looking for "beigels" (to paraphrase Michael Bluth, we just call it a bagel) is probably the best thing I've seen all week. Look at Ron Weasley all grown up and wearing rouge! Click ahead to watch the magic. (Nyuck, nyuck.)

Bonus! Another video of Grint's antics, this one centering on a bit of "club kid art." What would Professor McGonagall say?

[via ontd]