Listen to Snoop Dogg's Song for Prince William's Bachelor Party

Obviously, this can't be real. OK, it's real, in that you can click ahead and listen to Snoop Dogg's latest single, "Wet," but it couldn't have possibly been made for Prince William's bachelor party. It contains the phrase, "p***y leaking," for heaven's sake! That said: Great job from Snoop's marketing department to get his newest album, "Doggumentary Music," in the news alongside the Royal Family. Well played, Mr. Doggy Dogg. Your Google News Alert will be flush with items today. Check out "Wet" after the jump.

Favorite lyric? Why, thanks for asking! It has to be this section: "I'm in between your lips, like a cigarette // She wanna quit, but she wanna make it wet // I wanna get you wet // Tell me baby, are you wet? // I just wanna get you wet." And they say songwriting is a lost art.

[via The Hairpin]

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