How to Win David Lynch's New Music Video Contest

Alright Inland Empire haters: Here's your chance to show your hero-on-hiatus how it's done. Lynch has just announced a contest asking people to submit music videos for both songs on his awesome new single, which will be judged by Lynch. In his introduction video (after the jump) he advises to "stay true to yourself." Right. Let's go to Lynch himself for some real insider tips on how to win this thing by checking out his autobiography/transcendental meditation advertisement Catching the Big Fish.

Tip #1: HD: Not a good idea.

The chapter entitled Film is Dead is pretty self explanatory, but when you're shooting on a digital format, think twice before grabbing that HD camera too. Says Lynch:

"The DV camera I currently use is a Sony PD-150, which is lower quality than HD. And I love this lower quality...In a frame, if there's some question about what you're seeing, or some dark corner, the mind can go on dreaming...high-def, unfortunately, is so crystal clear. I saw a piece of film in my mixing room shot on high-def; it was some kind of science fiction."

Tip #2: Meditation: Good idea!

Really every other chapter in Lynch's book delves into the benefits of his well publicized love of transcendental meditation, from catching ideas (like fish!) to just staying emotionally balanced. To wit:

"When I started meditating, I was filled with anxieties and fears...I call that depression and anger the Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of Negativity. It's suffocating, and that rubber stinks. But once you start meditating and diving within, the clown suit starts to dissolve."

Tip #3: Therapy: Bad idea!

Don't see a therapist during this competition! Well, at least not the one Lynch saw. Says Lynch: "I went to a psychiatrist once...I asked him, 'Do you think that this process could, in any way, damage my creativity?' And he said, 'Well David, I have to be honest: it could.' And I shook his hand and left."

Tip #4: Dreams: Bad idea!?

I know. You were just thinking, "Oh, I'll just film my dreams like Lynch does. I've had some CRAZY dreams!" Think again! Says Lynch: "I love dream logic; I just like the way dreams go. But I have hardly ever gotten ideas from dreams. I get more ideas from music, or just from walking around."

Tip #5: Stay true to yourself.

Looks like Lynch's advice in the video below is legit. Says Lynch in the chapter titled Advice: "Stay true to yourself. Let your voice ring out, and don't let anybody fiddle with it." Godspeed, everyone.

Here's the video, and check out Genero TV for more information.

·Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

[via @DavidLynch]


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