When Twitter Marketing Goes Wrong: How Do You Know Hashtag Causes Confusion, Derision

As Twitter has become a legitimate source of news, opinions and even a place for television pitches, movie studios have warmed to its other feature: Promotion. Toy Story 3 was the first film to buy "ad time" in the trending topics section, but many others have partaken in this bit of nuevo-marketing madness since then. The latest is How Do You Know, the James L. Brooks dramedy scheduled for release next month. Too bad that particular promoted hashtag isn't going as well as Columbia Pictures probably hoped.

If you've moseyed over to Twitter this morning, you've probably noticed that #howdoyouknow movie is trending worldwide as a promoted tweet. Great! People need to know that a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson exists -- especially after a poster on the level of The King's Speech. Only it seems the film's obtuse title and a total lack of awareness have confused some members of the Twitterverse. For your reading pleasure, a selection of the most bewildered #howdoyouknow tweets.

@RoanneAraneta: "What's this #howdoyouknow movie?"

@nothotbutburnin: "#howdoyouknow movie: from imdb or mostly friends."

@kEnisjajal: "Fake love,boyfriends death,and in coincidence having a identical twins and the girls fall for him thats #howdoyouknow movie."

@samaraester: "#howdoyouknow that #howdoyouknow is a movie if you've never heard of it?"

@frappenatic: "#howdoyouknow movie if you're not fond of watching movies?"

@AHusna: "#howdoyouknow movie? i don't know. i just read in newspaper.. LOL."

@DolceNiente: "#howdoyouknow <fail cuz ppl talkn more about otha sh*t than the actual movie haha."

@vaniekerk: "OK figured out #howdoyouknow is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd. Thank God!!!"

Thank God is right, @vaniekerk. To be fair, there are other tweeters who have heard of the film, and seem genuinely excited. It's just...perhaps Brooks should have come up with another title for this one after all. At least for Twitter marketing purposes.


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