Erin Andrews on the Dancing with the Stars Finale: 'That Must've Been Some Major Drugs She Was On!"

erinandrews_500.jpgSigh. All great things must come to an end: Here's our last Dancing with the Stars interview with Erin Andrews, the ESPN commentator and steadfast Kyle Massey defender. Following last night's redemptive finale, Erin and I discussed the judges' weird scoring, Jennifer Grey's pain tolerance, and the best moments of the season. Oh, and the winner.

So, Erin, you watched the finale. How was your viewing experience? Thrilling? Surprising?

You know, it was different being on this end of it this season. I felt being involved it with was very emotional. I know how emotional I was in the end, and not because I placed third. I knew that was going to happen. I think it was because the journey had come to and I was tired, exhausted, and so thankful for my time with Maks [Chmerkovskiy]. Very emotional. I just remember watching Evan [Lysacek] and Nicole [Scherzinger] -- because the way they did the finale last night was different than ours. They booted me and Maks right away after our first dance and then it was basically the Evan-and-Nicole competition. It was interesting the way they did it last night because it was the three of them all night. Now, I was curious if that was the format before Bristol was in third place to kind of keep her involved in the whole thing towards the end. Like, my year? We were booted right away. But this year all three of them [stayed in] for all two hours. So it was kind of interesting. I kind of thought it was a very long finale. Did you?

Christina Aguilera performed almost seven times, it seemed like.

[Laughs]. I mean, I understood. I loved seeing everybody come back and dance, the skits, and everything. It was just being different on this side as opposed to last season.

Did you think Bristol stood a shot of winning throughout the episode?

I didn't know because of the way it had gone all season. It was so unpredictable. The only thing I thought that was very telling was just how far apart the scores were. Jennifer had really separated herself and I was just thinking to myself, I remember sitting in the audience after I got the boot last year -- I remember Evan was probably five points away from Nicole, and I was sitting next to Cheryl [Burke] and she was like, "It's too much. He's not going to be able to make it up; Nicole's going to win." I remember looking at Kyle and Bristol's scores and thinking, "It's too much of a lead. I don't think Kyle's going to win and I don't think Bristol's popularity votes will matter." But then I kept saying to myself, "It can't be this predictable, right? It can't be this predictable. Something's going to happen." So I wasn't surprised Bristol got there. In all honesty, of all the dancers left, I think third was the best spot for her. I don't think she danced better than Kyle or Jennifer, but I congratulate her and think third place was a huge accomplishment for her.

Watching Kyle's freestyle, I thought, "This is something Erin will love."

I loved it. I just really love his personality and was cheering for him. The one thing I will say about Kyle in the finale -- I don't agree with his scores. I don't think he was scored correctly at all. I thought a lot of the stuff he did in the finale was right up there with Jennifer. I do agree with Jennifer's scores though; I thought hers were perfect. But I don't think he was scored high enough. That bothered me.

I thought the scoring was downright mysterious. Bristol was scoring straight 9s again? What?

Oh, her freestyle? She got better scores on her freestyle than I did. I said, "Wow. That's amazing." It's very interesting. I would love to know from the judges where they were coming from with the scoring. Even last night, the dances they did -- Kyle got an 8 from Len, and Bristol got a 9 from Len. I was just curious where he was coming from. But that's part of the whole thing; the [producers] don't hold the judges accountable. They don't need to explain their scores. I just don't think Kyle was scored high enough.

There was plenty of ridiculousness in the finale. Any particularly cuckoo moments you liked most?

I thought the finalists didn't have any ridiculous moments, but I thought the skits were hysterical. I thought the David Hasselhoff thing was great. Nothing else struck me as, "Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous." I did love the part -- once I figured it out -- the watermelon thing with Jennifer Grey. I thought it was perfect. "I carried a watermelon." That came up again and again in my mind. I loved that Kyle and Lacey did the Tootsie Roll. It was phenomenal. He's so stinkin' cute. I think if anything, I'm bummed out. I mean, I'm happy with Jennifer winning, and I thought she was phenomenal -- particularly for someone who ruptured her disc? That must've been some major drugs she was on. My dad has two herniated discs in his back, and he said, "Ruptured discs? How do you even walk right now?" I give her kudos for everything she put her body through. I just don't think the scoring difference between her and Kyle should've been as great as it was. But I don't mean to take the mirror ball trophy away from her -- she was phenomenal.

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  • ten2279 says:

    Great analysis Erin. I agree with you about Kyle being the most memorable performer of this season's show. He was underscored by Len just like you! Technically you were a better dancer than Bristol and she got 9's from him. I don't understand that but it doesn't matter because I knew she wasn't going to win.

  • Marj1947 says:

    Implied is something I believe to be true of last season. That the judges 7 point spread was deliberate to name Nicole the winner. For reasons we don't know, but a lot was done to try to break the Evan and Anna momentum and popularity from the prior week's Paso and overall popularity. Although takeaways great for Evan, and he's forever gracious and big picture, a win is a win and Anna deserved her professional kudos.

  • anonymously says:

    Its surprising that none of Bristol family came for the finale. I guess Sarah's book signing was more important. When Mak's and Brandy were eliminated I felt it was really Jennifer and Derek who receive the lowest popular votes. On Monday I tried to phone it my votes for Kyle and I receive a message your call did not go through try calling again. Kyle was this year's winner and the producers chose to give it to the chosen one. If Brandy Maks and Tony had not said they were supporting Kyle I wonder if the people trying to vote for Kyle votes would have got through the phone lines and abc online voting site. Good article Erin and have a bless and happy Thanksgiving.

  • Yvette Drye says:

    Bristol did have some of her family there--her grandfather, Piper (her youngest sister), and another female family friend--I'm not sure who she was, possibly her Sarah's sister.

  • peggy barta says:

    For me it was a toss up between Kyle and Jennifer. I was hugely grateful that Bristol didn't prevail over any more actually brilliant dancers (much unlike herself) as happened with Audrina and Brandy. Brandy's elimination, leaving Bristol in the competition was when I stopped watching DWTS until the last 15 minutes of last night's episode. I was hugely surprised and very grateful that Bristol was the first one eliminated.
    I just hope that ABC avoids politicizing DWTS henceforth

  • Mylon Stark says:

    So, apparently there is no public figure - at any level - who will not compromise their integrity for the mindless nonsense that is "reality TV."
    One would think, with Ms. Andrews' notorious video situation, she would be more sedate - and focused on reclaiming her life. Apparently, she is willing to sell herself - and her soul - to the highest bidding entertainment pimps.
    I felt sorry for Ms. Andrews when the video stuff hit the fan. She's proven she is not worthy of that response.
    So, keep watching this trash, and all the other mind-numbing programming that is dumbing down our society at a rapid rate.

  • braindead says:

    I agree Mylon. This person's actions following the released video is really calculated, somewhat objectionable and ultimately, not so good for women. Using a (staged?) voyeuristic video as a launchpad to (poisonous, unnecessary) celebrity was a really, really bad move.

  • soo says:

    HA HA! Maks doesn't even mention this Erin chick.

  • LittleMo says:

    Erin did the same things and wore the same costumes that most of the other femal contestants did - and she had every right to do so. Why should she have to clothe herself in some sort of shapeless burlap sack and live her life in a locked closet? What happened to her in that hotel room was the the fault of the "peeping tom" and nobody else. She isnt' "pimping" anything.

  • DonnaCimo says:

    Erin in the finals was a joke to begin with. She was annoying and not all that good. I liked Bristol's freestyle much more than Erin's awkward bed dance thing. Erin's head is too big. Does she really believe she is all that?
    And to all those that complain because Audrina and Brandy left early. The show states on their website "VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE" it doesn't say vote for the best. I guess their were not the favorite. Funny how everyone complains after the face.

  • maggie says:

    of course Maks is not going to mention ERIN to much stillgoing on there, watchit happen, he said he abd ERIN were bothvery private people. they wee crazy about each other, no matter who he is seen with, ERIN has everything a manwould want, loks peronality career and a lot of male admirers,she does not have to lean on MAKS , she can for sure handke herseld and like a lot of people on season 10 said , she can handle maks. a lot of people on 19 said how happy he was with her. ican see how MAKS would fall for her, i have seen her in peron she is gorgeous

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