Gift Guide: Michael Giacchino Takes Us Back to Lost

In the years to come, the most indelible impression Lost may leave on the pop culture landscape -- besides forcing all twisty, mythology-heavy television shows to be referred to as "The next Lost" -- is making Michael Giacchino a household name. Well, just as long as your household is the type that geeks out on composers and movie soundtracks.

Giacchino started composing long before Lost -- he worked on J.J. Abrams' other convoluted ABC series, Alias, as well as some features -- but his career seemed to launch into overdrive just around the time when Oceanic 815 split in two. He won an Emmy in 2004 for Lost, received an Oscar in 2009 for Up, and in between provided unforgettable soundtracks to The Incredibles, Star Trek, Ratatouille and Mission: Impossible III. Any of those albums are worthy of a gift to your musically-inclined geeky cousin -- speaking as someone's musically-inclined geeky cousin, the Star Trek score is a must-own -- but it's Giacchino's work on the final season of Lost that should stuff a stocking this holiday season. The themes that he spent five seasons creating and dismantling are ever-present, and they're as affecting as ever; if you can listen to "Happily Ever After" without weeping, it's probably because you died of a broken heart. Better yet? The final season soundtrack is two-discs -- or, for you digital-types: many tracks -- meaning fans can listen to Giacchino's musical genius long after they forget about the four-toed statue.

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