Did Funny or Die Steal a Sketch from Saturday Night Live?

On Saturday night, SNL aired a Nasim Pedrad starring sketch called "Camel Tame," a parody commercial on a more effective way to hide unsightly camel toe. Well, touché, SNL, because here comes Funny or Die's "Cameltoe Shows," starring Kelly Brook, which takes the SNL idea and stands it on its head. Instead of hiding cameltoe, the Funny or Die version celebrates it -- makes it more sightly. But wait, aren't these pretty much the same sketches? Did one outlet get the idea from the other?

Movieline reached out to Funny or Die to get the story on the similar sketches. "Similar ideas do happen all the time, totally separate of each other, and there is plenty of media space and comedy to go around for everyone," said Funny or Die's President of Production Mike Farah in a statement. "In this particular case, Seth Morris, the writer pitched this idea for the first time back in May/June. They had just worked with Kelly Brook on the Piranha video in August, then thought of her for ['Cameltoe Shows']. It was shot on Aug. 21 with Kelly, and because of production schedules it was slated for release this week -- planned weeks ago."

Watch the two skits below:


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