George W. Bush and Kanye West Finally Get Their Inevitable Auto-Tune

· The Internet was slacking! That can be the only reason this video of George W. Bush and Kanye West (or "Conway" as the former president calls him) took so long to go viral. Dust off your best references from two weeks ago and click ahead for the admittedly hilarious video, then stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via Urlesque]

· Emily Blunt is apparently in negotiations to star opposite Jason Segal in Five-Year Engagement, which feels like it has been knocking around for five years. [Vulture]

· This has all the makings of a month of Deadspin posts: The reason Eva Longoria-Parker and husband Tony Parker are splitting up is allegedly because he slept with a teammate's wife. [People]

· Awesome news: Joel McHale will host the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards. [Deadline]

· Bristol Palin's sister Willow used a bunch of gay slurs while fighting back against some trolls on her Facebook page. The First Family, ladies and gents! [Huffington Post]

· Cable subscriptions are dropping at an alarming rate as people realize they don't need anything other than their Internet connection. [NYT/Media Decoder]

· Everyone loved Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee last night, but when will she return? [E!]

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