VIDEO: The Situation Offers Bristol Palin a Magnum Condom in Excruciating Safe Sex PSA

I swear I don't mean to post this much about Dancing with the Stars, but I can't help that The Situation and Bristol Palin recorded a safe sex PSA together. I definitely can't. I also can't help that Bristol gives another performance worthy of the CW hit The Secret Life of the American Thespian, and that The Situation utters, "You've got to think before you get yourself into a Situation." That's just the beginning. Wait until he puts the "abs" in "abstinence." This is real.

You'll note that:

1.) The "situation" double entendre is never overdone.

2.) The hip nickname "B. Palin" is coined.

3.) Bristol musters up the method chops to utter the line, "Pause before you play."

4.) It is impossible to make it to the end of this. That's like abstinence.

5.) "For real, for real, for real."

6.) S.O.S.


  • stolidog says:

    “You’ve got to think before you get yourself into a Situation.”
    isn't that, like, the gayest thing ever?