Jason Statham and Ben Foster Fix Almost Everybody in The Mechanic Trailer

Of course by "fix," I actually mean kill...with assault rifles, cars crashed through buses and more. Yep, it's the trailer for the remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson movie that involves an ace hitman (Jason Statham in this case) who takes on an apprentice (Ben Foster) with with quite a bit of reluctance. That is, until their company betrays them and kills Statham's friend and Foster's father; then it's time for the two to put their differences aside, grab their tools (read: guns) and go to work.

Statham is clearly still down to play the same role in almost every film, and as I've noted, he's good at that. So, fine. But the main thing that stands out about the trailer is the presence of Foster, who has proven enormously talented in The Messenger and Alpha Dog. It's hard to tell if he does much in the movie besides shoot things, but I'm crossing my fingers that pairing him with Statham will create a dynamic heretofore unseen in hitman action movies.

Other than that, I'd like to suggest that someone compose an official "Jason Statham" theme song. Make it sound just like the music in this and every Transporter trailer, but give it a little more character. Then, secure a deal to where it will be used in every trailer that stars Statham. Some aspiring composer will bank while Statham builds even more of a brand for himself. Everybody wins!

Verdict: Sold. And again reminded that Robert Pattinson is lucky this awesome rumor was not true.

[via First Showing]

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