VIDEO: Footage from Real-Life Quidditch World Cup This Weekend in New York

While many were re-reading the Harry Potter novels, or in some cases making plans to see the films for the first time while live-blogging, a Quidditch World Cup in New York pitted 46 teams from all over the U.S. against each other this weekend in a real-life version of the sport from J.K. Rowling's series. The rules are apparently more or less the same as those laid out in the books and films...except without the flying. Right. Let's go to the videos!

According to AFP, the game resembles "something like rugby, volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, dodgeball, and none of the above." Laugh if you want, but based on this video, I'm pretty sure everybody involved had more fun than anyone I know this weekend. Also, the sport apparently isn't for the weak, at least judging from this video of a tackle during one of the matches.

This weekend marked the 4th Annual World Cup, so presumably, if you missed out this year, you can still get a team together and start training now to defeat reigning champions Middlebury College next year. My question: When is the first annual Calvinball World Cup?

· Broom-wielding Quidditch Players Sweep New York [AFP]

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