Another Back to the Future Anniversary: Happy 55th to the Hill Valley Lightning Storm

The reasons for Back to the Future nostalgia can't be ascertained from a brief blog posting, so let's just forget all that heady stuff and bask in the warm glow of another anniversary. On Nov. 12, 1955, lightning struck the Hill Valley clock tower, thus enabling Marty McFly to head back to the future! Never mind that none of this actually happened -- celebrate the anniversary by making the following photo your desktop background. You're welcome, nerds.


[Dan Meth via The Daily What]


  • Fred Seaborne says:

    The infamous Hill Valley lightning storm supposedly took place in 1955, and this is the 55th anniversary… what a neat coincidence, eh???

  • starguy says:

    Yeah, OK.
    But I am keeping in mind that by 21 October 2015 (per BTTF II)we will have flying cars, Mr. Fusion's, weather control, and hoverboards, among other goodies. That's less than 5 years from now!
    Can't wait. How about you?

  • The Cantankerist says:

    To hell with the lightning storm - November 12th was also the 55th anniversary of the Enchantment Under The Sea dance in Hill Valley. My, but that little Calvin Klein could play.