Your Favorite Actor is Flying Coach, and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

coach_cabin_225.jpgAlso in today's edition of The Broadsheet: Ridiculous development happenings at Disney... The first Flip-Cam movie is coming to a theater near you... Presidents with hams... We're all zombies... OK Go turns to toast... and more!

· SAG/AFTRA has settled a new deal with the studios that would require actors to fly business class on work-related flights over 1,000 miles and mere coach on anything shorter. Upgrades will have to come out of the actors' own pockets. Will they ever afford it? Don't answer that. [Telegraph]

· "Jon Favreau is in talks to direct Magic Kingdom, the Disney film with the premise that the attractions at the venerable theme park come to life." Whatever. [Deadline]

· Interested in directing Tales From the Gangster Squad, the tale of L.A. cops battling local mobsters in the '40s and '50s? The line forms at Warner Bros., and you may be waiting behind Ruben Fleischer, Jose Padilha and Scott Cooper. [LAT]

· The Flip-Cam-shot A Love Affair of Sorts -- about a relationship struck up between a young man and the young woman he tapes shoplifting -- has been picked up by Paladin for a 2011 release. Is this really any less offensive a product-placement gimmick than, say, this dumb-ass Rubik's Cube movie? Seriously, I'm asking. [THR]

· Here are 15 portraits of American presidents holding ham. You are welcome. [Salon]

· It's a bit of an oversimplification, but apparently we all descended from a zombie virus. Would would Darwin say? Hell, what would Sarah Pailn say? [Wired]

· The latest OK Go video either reaffirms the band's place in the vanguard of the form or is trying wayyyy too hard. In any case, between this and the presidential hams above, I'm starving. [LikeCool]

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