Todd Phillips and Aaron Sorkin Ream WGA -- In Front of Its President

· Discomfort: My favorite viral video thrill. Watch here as Aaron Sorkin and Todd Phillips ream the Writers Guild of America in front of its physically uneasy West Coast president John Wells. Phillips handles sass like a regular Etta James! [NYMag]

· Phew: There is no beef between Hangover 2 star Liam Neeson and Mel Gibson. [Us]

· Quiet, Harry Potter. Let's hear it for J.K. Rowling's unsung hero Neville Longbottom. [NextMovie]

· Carrie Ann Inaba says she's ready for same-sex dance partners to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Can't wait for that karaoke version of "Teenage Dream." [People]

· Scarlett Johannson's third hosting stint on SNL should be good: She's working on all her favorite emotions! [Zap2It]


  • HwoodHills says:

    WOW! That THR video was awesome!
    Easy for two guys like Phillips and Sorkin to have complaints when one (Sorkin) is a guy who always gets solo credit (through solid writing) and Phillips is a guy who's viewed more as a director than a writer (at this point in his career.)
    I'm sure the neophyte writer who comes up with the idea for "3 Guys from Mars who Go to America and start a Daddy Day Care business" would be thrilled to know that their idea was bought and re-written so that the premise stayed the same but they got no credit for the finished product.
    Is "Story By" really that big a sacrifice?
    FINAL credits? - SURE! (We all know about the Charlie's Angels debacle.) That's VERY important. So Phillips is probably more right than Sorkin.
    But kudos to them for not being afraid to tr to change things.
    Let's for a moment imagine a Teamster having the same strength to speak publicly in front of the Teamsters President.
    Sorry, I forgot...
    The Teamsters work together as a collective.

  • epochd says:

    Its a really interesting argument. but they're also coming at it from the angle of being extremely established. up and coming nobody's need that union to cover their backs.

  • epochd says:

    some first time screenwriter's agent is not going to be able to negotiate like that of todd phillips or (especially) aaron sorkin.
    that said, Great Video!

  • ZombieStrike says:

    What a giant load of shit. They can argue about how the WGA needs to change, but to say the organization is useless and pointless is naive to the point of stupidity. For every Todd Philips, there're a hundred no-name writers struggling to get by and desperately thankful for the MBA, because in non-union land, you're lucky to get ten grand for a script. Todd Philips can suck my dick; he's a self-entitled douche.

  • ScriptGal199 says:

    Zombiestrike, maybe you are not understanding the point that Todd Phillips was making. He doesn't think struggling writers should be supported by other writers. It's a competitive field. That's Hollywood. And if you cant compete DON'T be a writer. In the meantime, struggle, it's part of the game. It's how people get weeded out and why everyone is not a "writer".
    His point about Auto Workers is dead on. They earn the same wage. So they NEED a union to protect that wage from decrease, protect their benefits etc. Writers DO NOT earn the same wage. It is a competitive business, which is why we writers have agents. Sheesh. Why is everyone so angry and so dumb? He (and Sorkin) were actually making very good points.

  • Quirky- says:

    In that case, I wish to God that Todd Phillips worked as an auto worker, because as a writer and/or director he is one of the worst fucking examples of 'box office maketh a career'. He's a hack, his pictures suck and - frankly -he can suck my little Ken Jeong dick.

  • Joe Gillis says:

    Todd neglects to mention that the best agent in Hollywood isn't going to be able to negotiate health insurance, pensions, residuals, etc. The WGA gets a lot wrong, but let's not forget the things that it does right.

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