Exclusive: Glee Rethinking Super Bowl Strategy

ColferKurt225.jpgGlee is showing symptoms of tribute fatigue. Despite talk that the Fox hit's post-Super Bowl episode would be a love letter to either Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson, I'm hearing producers are strongly reconsidering the single-singer route.

Word is Ryan Murphy & Co. are leaning toward staging a "regular" episode of Glee after SB XLV featuring music from a variety of artists rather than a stunt-heavy hour, a-la Britney and Madonna.

Of course, given that Glee will likely draw its biggest audience in its two-year history, you can bet there will be at least a few bells and whistles.

A Glee rep declined to comment.



  • FH14 says:

    All I can say is THANK GOD. The theme/tribute episodes were really dragging down the show. One a season would be fine, but any more than that and the writing and the show suffers.

  • Michael says:

    We need more on the leads = finn and rachel in particular. The reason I started loving the show was because of them and their story of the two worlds coming together. It seems they have taken a back seat - but they are utimately much of the reason the show is so popular. We need more of them individually and together, showing how they are going to be the leaders and bring the worlds together in harmony. Hope the writers go back to their roots and to the two leads that got this thing to be as popular as it is. All the characters are great - but when Santana - or even Mike Chang get more air time then Rachel or Finn...something is very wrong.

  • echoingaround says:

    We need more about the characters, and whacking about their characterisation trying to fir it around certain artists music was ruining the show for me.
    More Puck, Kurt and Puck/Rachel please show of mine.

  • mykey716 says:

    I agree there has been too much focus on 'tribute' episodes. I think once or twice a season is fine but they should use mulitple artists. It gives more variety and can hilight the cast's vocal talents. Very disappointed with Michele Lea's cover of "Hit Me Baby" but then it was the wrong song for her anyway. However I disagree w/ pushing more Finn & Rachel....all of the cast have different talents and styles and should all get a chance to shine, esp Kurt, Sam and Brittany!! (She was an amazing surprise in the Britney/Brittany episode and really worked her inner Lita Ford in last night's show! too bad she didn't really have a chance to be heard!)

  • Melissa says:

    Please no more theme episodes!

  • sabbbawbabba says:

    Lesbian something. SERIOUSLY (Brittana doesn't count until they stop hooking up with guys).
    Or this would be a shocker: having continuity. I keep wanting to say "have a positive female role model" but that means that there is an established positive male. There isn't. Maybe it is a startlingly depiction of reality... but this is getting to be ridiculous. My head is spinning with how quickly my favorite character changes, how different I see them every week. Rachel was the protagonist the entirety of 1st season, just about. Now is it supposed to be Kurt? Are the Glee writers attempting to throw formulaic television on it's head? (Sorry for all of this, I studied media only in high school- meaning I am not well-versed. Now I am in grad school and staring at chemical plots all day... Glee is starting to look like my data and that is leaving me with conflicting feelings.)

  • stolidog says:

    I wonder how great the carry over will be from the superbowl to Glee? I mean, I know there are gays out there that watch football, but are there that many?

  • Danielle says:

    More Darren Criss! I am really looking forward to seeing his and Kurt's relationship go somewhere!

  • Kyle says:

    More Rachel Berry. I miss seeing Lea Michelle belt out amazing showtunes like Season 1. She is the only reason why I watch this show and she needs more screentime!

  • Chip Rosenthal says:

    Stoli...that was about the most asinine comment one could make re: this show. A)yes there are B)I'm NOT one of them C)consider the true numbers of fans involved. Yes, this is going to be an historic episode for the show in terms of numbers. I hope it fits the bill it's going to be posting.

  • hal says:

    Oh what has this show done to the fantastic lead characters of Season One? Will was the sensitive caring teacher, Rachel was the flawed but endearing diva, Finn was the gentle, sweet reluctant leader of gleeclub. This season, Will has become this idiotic man-child, Rachel is the shrill girlfriend and Finn...Finn has become the B-plot comic relief who there just to provide laughs to the A-storylines. I don't want to even talk about how they are doing personality transplants to other supporting characters to fit their song/theme of the week.
    I am watching this show for Will, Rachel and Finn. And I don't like the way this show is being developed.

  • Hal says:

    What has this show done to its fantastic lead characters of Season One? Will was the sensitive caring teacher, Rachel was the flawed but immensely endearing fireball of a diva, Finn was the gentle sweet but reluctant leader of gleeclub. Now in Season Two, Will has become the idiotic man-child, Rachel is the shrill girlfriend, and Finn...Finn has become the B or C-plot comic relief trotted out every episode to provide some laughs for the more serious A-plots. Morrison, Michele and Monteith are such talented actors. They don't deserve to be shafted like this.
    This cast to too large to be a true ensemble. They need main characters to give them focus. I'm watching this show for Will, Rachel and Finn. And I don't like the way this show is turning these fantastic characters into second string supporting characters.

  • mave says:

    I love Glee and I get the Kurt storyline, but I just miss RACHEL BERRY sooo much. The Rachel Barry from the first 13 episodes. The driven, hardworking kid with a goal, naive most of the time but honest. The one that annoyed everyone, but at the same time, was the leader and motivated the club. There was more balance back then. Now, Rachel Berry´s motivation is to be Finn´s girlfriend and hers goals are diminished.
    I love the show, but i miss the show I felt in loved

  • Amanda says:

    Amen! Bring on the regular episodes I'm so over the themed episode - they were fun when they had two in an entire season but I'm so over them. Last weeks episode that was a throw back to first season was a breath of fresh air!

  • eskeigh says:

    This is good news. I find tribute episodes really weak. We need more progress in the storyline.

  • gleeful says:

    I hope they have a Kurt-Sam love scene in the Super Bowl episode

  • Gleek says:

    Will we be seeing more of Blaine?

  • Roger says:

    I actually hope this is true. It will show the new viewers what Glee can really do!