Who is Angelina Jolie's Special Friend on the Set of Her New Movie?

"US actress Angelina Jolie (right) talks to an unidentified member of the crew on the set during the shooting of Untitled Love Story that is the first film she will direct in Budapest, Hungary, 04 November 2010." That caption is presently all anyone has to go on to identify the woman working alongside Jolie on her controversial directing debut, but come on. I think this nattily dressed doll needs a name attached to the face as soon as possible.

Help us, ye knowledgeable and resourceful Movieline devotees! Rachel Dratch needs to know who she's playing in the inevitable Jolie biopic down the line. [via Monsters & Critics]



  • stolidog says:

    What's Lea Michele doing in Budapest?

  • daveed says:

    It looks like this woman, Carmen Tabanyi: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carmen-tabanyi/b/2bb/944
    She's her script supervisor on the film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1714209/fullcredits#cast

  • G says:

    And here's a picture of when Aunt Viv met Angelina on her tour of top 10 vintage circus-wear boutiques of Budapest.

  • Matt says:

    She's the script supervisor? Damn, with that sweater I was hoping she was the costume designer.

  • wtf says:

    I'm confused. The purpose of this thread was to what? Shame this veteran film crew woman, who does the same thing on movie sets 3-4 times a year over her sweater, or her looks? Wow. I guess if you had been on your toes Movieline, you could have caught her standing next to Ryan Reynolds in her glasses and sweater, while working on 'The Green Hornet,' a few mos. ago, or perhaps any of the other 40 some films she's worked on. I'm a key grip and I've got a shoot coming up. I'm gonna wear a funky sweater and a headband with my bifocals, and place myself right next to the director...make sure you're ready to ridicule me Movieline...I want my 15 minutes too.

  • Teddy says:

    Hey Matt and "G"...you guys are complete idiots. Carmen is awesome person...funny, smart and great to be around. I'm guessing one or both of you is a reject from the comedy circuit...where I suppose you wore a tux to work?

  • Me says:

    Agreed. Go Carmenci ur the bessssst!!:)