The Apocalypse Nears: Lou Reed Directs Susan Boyle Music Video

It looks like Lou Reed felt really bad about making Susan Boyle cry. So bad that now we've got a music video for Boyle's cover of "Perfect Day," directed by Reed himself. Take that, Joan Rivers! But really, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd see the guy who wrote "Heroin" and "Venus in Furs" direct a straight-faced Susan Boyle music video set in the lush Scotland countryside. Here it is, though. Words fail me.

[via Popeater]


  • milessilverberg says:

    Technically I think the DP directed the video. Lou just said, "Stand her out at the end of the dock, and if she falls, oh well."
    It's actually kinda nice, if you wash your brain of all sense of context or history.

  • Brian Clark says:

    Yeah, I agree actually. In some sense, knowing Reed's history and reputation makes it a little more sweet. But again, never in my wildest dreams...

  • jetcityhawk says:

    Time, it just shows what a talet Lou Reed is. I',e ver particularly cared for ms. Boyle, but this is a perfect, respectful, appropriate way to represent her. Simple. The beauty of her voice and the Scottick countryside. What else would you do with her? Put her in a corset...a close up with a single tear? think, considering whay he was working with, he delivered a a perfect video for a performer who is, in today's music world, certainly not so easy to film, market, or even put in the music video format. She has her fans, and will really sell herself to whoever those fans are. But at least this is a classy way for her to be particioate in an industry that is not particularly welcoming for kind to anyone over the Radio Format/Youth driven music market if today. Cudos to Lou Reed for not saying, I'm to good. She's an old bag. I'm a Warhol legend, etc, etc. But when, with ne CD, Susan has probably sould as many albums as Lou has in his career...not a bad career move for him either.

  • Cari Masom says:

    I recently bought Susan Boyle's album and I can honestly say I like it. She is a star!

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