127 Hours Emergency Update: 1 More Fainting, 'Minor Panic Attack'

127_hours_fainting_225.jpgSo 127 Hours experienced a spectacular opening in limited release, earning an estimated $266,000 over the weekend on four screens. Somewhere among those congested theaters and hyperventilating throngs we must have had at least a few additions to our 127 Hours Emergency Timeline, right? Well... yes and no.

I didn't happen to see ambulances stationed outside any of the New York theaters playing the Danny Boyle/James Franco survival-by-self-amputation drama, and a Fox Searchlight representative confirmed that the crowds here and in L.A. got through the weekend without incident. But if we head south to Savannah, Ga., the Savannah Film Festival paused the regional premiere to evacuate a moviegoer who required medical attention. A fellow attendee was ambivalent: "I have the up most [sic] sympathy for him [the moviegoer] and I hope he's OK. [...] However, I think in the future he should know that this is going to happen to him and he should refrain from going to movies like that." Exactly! If you can't take the arm-severing, tendon-slashing, bone-snapping heat, stay out of the arm-severing, tendon-slashing, bone-snapping kitchen. Baby.

Oh, and then there's this from Los Angeles, in a blog post titled "127 Hours of Recovery":

I am still incapable of speech. Fortunately, [my pet] doesn't speak and isn't pressing me for information or analysis of 127 Hours, Danny Boyle's direction, James Franco's performance etc etc. I haven't been this emotionally affected by a movie for sometime and part of me is actually glad to walk out of a cinema having experienced something, even if it was blubbering like a baby and having a minor panic attack.

Enh, it's something. The updated tally:

Faintings: 14-17 (possibly more in London)

Light-headedness: 2

Seizures: 3

Panic attacks: 1.5

Vomiting: Unknown

Exorcist mentions: 3

Professionals affected: Hundreds

Civilians affected: Thousands

· 127 Hours causes more physical reactions [SCAD District]

· 127 Hours of Recovery [The LA Team]


  • The Winchester says:

    Wheres the watch for those of us that passed out during Secretariat?

  • Sam Donchess says:

    I was across the theater from the fainter at the Savannah Film Festival. Apparently it was an epileptic seizure, due to the rapid editing surrounding the saw scene. It was scary at first, but I really just wanted to finish the movie.

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