Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Strip for Friends with Benefits

In case you were worried that Justin Timberlake would settle for buttoned-up, Oscar-tickling roles for the rest of his cinematic career, fear not: He is down for nudity, sexy talk, and Semisonic references, too. Friends With Benefits pairs him with Mila Kunis, gets the duo to strip and shack up, and makes an artful tennis/sex metaphor happen. Let's dissect this nudity-laden preview. (NSFW.)

I like some hasty nudity in a trailer. It's refreshing. Unpretentious. These two are talented at it. As for the movie, I foretell rousing three-star fare. There wasn't a standout piece of dialogue in entire trailer (Did you chafe slightly at "Why does [sex] always gotta come with complications?"), but Mila Kunis can make an exasperated "slam piece" lovable. Justin Timberlake's pop persona of "gringo loverman" translates nicely to this atmosphere, and in real life I picture him as a confidant of Woody Harrelson's, so I'm right on board with his characterization.

I just hope the carnal zest of the trailer is sustainable in feature-length. For now, it seems like the bare-assed shenanigans emit enough spunk to power only an average Enrique Iglesias video. But I'm banking on Kunis and Timberlake's undeniable chemistry making up the difference. In the meantime, pay no attention to the fact that Kunis' Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman is in exactly the same movie. Besides, this one looks way better.

VERDICT: A quick, but sumptuous shag!

[via Moviefone]


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