UPDATE: Andy Richter 'Joking' That Jack Nicholson Will Be Conan's First Guest

jack_conan_225.jpgOn the final Friday before his return to the television airwaves, Conan O'Brien has released another video to his online legion of fans -- this one, specifically about which celebrity will be the first guest on Conan. After narrowing the field down -- sorry, Justin Bieber and Pope Benedict -- the bearded late-night desk jockey has announced the three finalists: Jack Nicholson, the Sultan of Brunei and Arlene Wagner, curator of the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum. Who will it be?! Movieline spoke to Andy Richter and he confirmed the obvious.

Conan just eliminated Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga from the first guest poll, so it has to be Jack Nicholson, right?

Uh, yeah. Of course, this [poll] was all predicated on a lot of talent coordination. It's not like we can just go grab Jack Nicholson off the street and throw him in a van. I'd like to see how that all plays out though. I don't have anything to do with it. That's something happening down the hall from me. I'm not getting into that at all.

I read that it would be his first talk show appearance in 39 years. Do you anticipate getting nervous when you're on the chair next to him and Conan?

No, but with somebody like him, I wouldn't be nervous to do the show. But I would be nervous to be around someone like him. Whenever I'm around somebody like that, that I'm really in awe of, I just don't say anything. I leave it up to Conan. I just kind of whisper, "Hi, big fan" and then don't say anything.

UPDATE [6:43 PM ET]: A representative for Conan got in touch after today's interview to say that Richter was "joking" about Nicholson appearing as the first guest on Monday. Sorry! Guess you're getting the Sultan of Brunei! Or the museum curator! Or Nicholson after all! Just tune in on Monday to see.

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