Movieline's Favorite Celebrity Feud of the Day: Meghan McCain vs. Bristol Palin

meghanmccain_225.jpgIs there anything better than when one celebrity comes out against another celebrity on the public stage? Let me answer that for you: Hell to the no! It's why everyone got excited when Shia LaBeouf and Frankie Muniz started slinging mud via Twitter, and it's why the halls of Movieline HQ are buzzing with excitement over the fact that Meghan McCain basically called Bristol Palin "ridiculous."

You know Bristol Palin: She's the Dancing with the Stars contestant that should have gone home two weeks ago, but has somehow stayed alive thanks to strong support from either Republicans or people who like to watch train wrecks. She's also Sarah Palin's daughter. So when it was revealed that Bristol didn't vote on Tuesday ("Sorry, mom!"), you knew it wouldn't be very long before someone came out to blast her. Take it away, Meghan McCain:

"I guess it's only important for Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing With the Stars" Meghan told Jay Leno during her appearance on The Tonight Show. Senator John McCain's daughter explained that she's been voting since she was 18 and in her family "if you didn't vote ... that was like bad news."

The 26-year-old added, "I think a lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote. Anyone that doesn't vote is just ridiculous."

Burn? Yes, burn. This isn't the first time McCain has taken on Palin -- the almost-First Daughter took her to task for being a proponent of abstinence during an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2009. McCain also mocked her on The Daily Show in September.

· Meghan McCain Calls Bristol Palin Not Voting 'Ridiculous' [ET]


  • Doyan says:

    Maybe Meghan McCain should mind her own business. Tens of millions of people didn't vote and that is probably a good thing considering they voted for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in California. I think that Meghan may be a little jealous and is needing a little TLC from the media. She should just mind her own business and SHUT UP. If anyone is a ridiculous it is that her life is so boring that the most important thing on her plate is Bristol.

  • mimi says:

    go Meghan for a republican your ok.. but the DWTS has been fixed for the last few yrs... they keep on whoever brings them controversy or ratings..and Miss no talent Bristol does both along with her douchebag mother..

  • brutony says:

    Hey Mimi, or should I say Maxi, cause youre probably a fatass like Meghan! What they hell does she know about dancing, since I'm sure no one ever took her lardbutt our on a date, let alone to go dancing! Bristol is courageous, talented, and HAWT! And must you libs bring up Sarah EVERY chance you get? Get a life!

  • SwissArmyBud says:

    Doyan -
    "Tens of millions of people didn't vote and that is probably a good thing" - Really? When was NOT voting a good idea, in REAL LIFE? I'm ashamed of this country every election cycle regardless of who gets elected, and you should be too. Stop being partisan and start being an American, idiot. Also, if you were invited onto Leno (JAY LENO, OK?? BIG DEAL, not your local high school's "daily news") then your life is probably neither boring or Palin-centric.
    Brutony - You're a classic, ignorant, thoughtless troll. If all you have in response to another person's post is insults, and your sexual opinion of everyone involved in the original article... that's sad. Come out from the dark, putrid dungeon of hate and smell the roses; the world is a wonderful, well lit place.

  • AngryLezLib says:

    Meghan is just mad no one can fit their arms around her...or that there is no such thing as "Dancing with the trying hard-but-in-vain-to-be-a Star". Or maybe she's upset that even Rachel Maddow's electric companion wouldn't date her. Entitlement-bonanza/plumper-Barbie needs to give up. Or she needs to find a much larger lens that can capture a shockingly-out-of-nowhere ego literally the size of Arizona. Meghan, even us liberal Valley girls would shun you. Go back to, like, school, and stuff. Oh Em Gee!

  • Stephanie Palmer says:

    It's not whether you like Bristol's dancing ability or not - but not voting? Gee, I guess she doesn't have any interest in deciding who is going to determine how she lives her life. Maybe her future just isn't important to her. There are millions of people like that. Or maybe they're so stupid that they don't understand the purpose of an election.

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