Heidi Klum Asked for Tim Gunn's Help in Swaying Project Runway's Final Vote? It's Not the First Time

timgunneliminated225.jpgTim Gunn's always a candid fellow, but the Project Runway mentor let loose at a Kate Spade event in Pennsylvania last Friday when he shared his feelings about surprise season-eight champion Gretchen Jones. He also revealed that during the judges' final deliberations, Heidi Klum pulled him aside and asked him to help sway the judges to vote for Mondo. Excuse me, Heidi! That is not Tim's job. And you should know better, Ms. Klum: He already turned you down once when you sought his help in rendering the season-ending decision.

First, here's Tim Gunn admitting that Heidi begged for his help.

And secondly, I'd hate to be the one to tarnish Heidi Klum's good name, but facts are facts: She also sought Tim's help at season two's end, finding him backstage and asking him for advice on whether to name Chloe Dao, Santino Rice, or Daniel Vosovic as champion. Gunn admitted as much during his then-regular BravoTV.com podcast (which is nowhere to be found on these fickle internets now). As I remember it, Gunn was backstage with Klum and Messing, the two ladies couldn't figure out who should win, and they consulted him for help.

Come now, Heidi. Tim's an impartial observer. He dreaded being forced to guest-judge the season five finale when Jennifer Lopez dropped out after a mysterious "foot injury." Don't drag him into the muckity-muck judges' panel again. He's fragile and his skin is made of pearls! And anyway, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia had clearly made up their mind to award Gretchen the win. No amount of objections -- even from Tim Gunn -- were going to change that.

· Tim Gunn was Enlisted by Heidi Klum to Help Sway the Judges' Vote to Mondo [Vulture]


  • G says:

    Looks like Heidi & Co. should have listened to that old adage that applies to just about everything in life: "So shall Tim Gunn say it, so shall it be done."

  • bubbles says:

    Michael Kors has lost his edge, and Heidi needs to replace him.

  • Tired Artist says:

    Wow I used to think he had class. Meow.

  • METRONOMIC says:

    It's not within Heidi's power to replace anyone.

  • anonymous says:

    Heidi is executive producer and created the show. She can replace anybody.

  • Quirky- says:

    Heidi didn't create the show (that'd be Eli Holzman) and she's one of the executive producers, not the executive producer. I'm sure she has lots of power, but she ain't the Project Runway Goddess.

  • KevyB says:

    Executive Producer means nothing... it's a title given to people after a few seasons as a contract ploy. The ones who make the actual decisions are Producers. And shame on her. As far as I'm concerned, the guy who's made millions and millions selling to women gets the tie-breaking vote. Not the model, not the singer, and especially not the model nor the singer who have both repeatedly shown up on worst-dressed lists!

  • WhoStoleTimGunn? says:

    Unfortunately, he didn't turn her down this time. As he clearly states in that video, " I went with Heidi, and we made quite a case for our candidate." I guess somewhere along the way, Tim's lost the integrity that made us admire him so.

  • bar says:

    The season was clear that Mondo was the favorite and then they pick the women boo hoo she was broke and needed it money wise . Mondo kept getting praises then they pick the other ? politics not fashion

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