Justin Long Has Kind Words For Movieline Critic Michelle Orange

JustinLongMichelleOrange225.jpgNow that we're through celebrating evil and mischief for one more year, let's turn to happier news of reconciliation. You may recall that Justin Long quoted Michelle Orange's scathing Movieline review of Going the Distance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Now, Orange has written a thoughtful piece about the whole experience and how it relates to writing and criticism... and guess who responded in the comments?

Yes, Justin Long himself not only posted a well-written, ego-free response to Orange's review and her recent piece (which is very insightful and worth reading in its entirety), but also professed admiration for Orange's entire body of writing:

Michelle, since stumbling onto your article during a narcissistic and regrettable search, I've been following and really enjoying your articles (and not to worry, not only the film-oriented ones - I now know better than to categorize you that way). Of course it's difficult to read hurtful things about yourself (though my skin is getting thicker by the movie), it makes it a lot easier when the article is so eloquently composed and genuinely insightful. And there's also considerable truth in what Vivien and Larry wrote (again, as damaging to the ego as it may be) - I did choose to put myself in that position, therefore relinquishing any immunity to attack - whether it's about my acting or my face. I brought it up on Jimmy's show because I thought it was somewhat amusing just HOW harsh it was (again, in a very well-articulated way) - and I meant what I said, it really did set the bar. I've heard a lot of negative things about myself over the years but rarely are they said with such a thoughtful and insightful tongue. Now I'll be able to withstand more slings and arrows thanks to the armor of humility you've forged for me. Please know too, I'm in no way being sarcastic - the fact that I read this piece should be testament to that. Michelle, I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd get to be in one movie, let alone several over the course of the last ten years - never had any delusions of grandeur. I always wanted to be a theatre actor like my mom, always assuming the movie roles were relegated to the good looking people. Which is not to say my Mom's not good looking - she's beautiful (though clearly it's all subjective - you are not a fan of our gene pool so you might not agree) - she just had kids and never got that "lucky break". Then I started idolizing guys like Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Sam Rockwell, Woody Allen, and Philip Seymour Hoffman - I found myself relating (I hope you're not wincing at my use of that word now) to them and formulating some wild fantasy of one day pursuing a career in movie acting - if guys that looked like that could do it, I thought, maybe this milky mook could role the dice. So while there's no defense for my performance in the movie (everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion), I have to say, I'm surprised by the amount of stock you seem to invest in my looks. I absolutely agree with you too, I'd be hard-pressed to hold a candle to even a fraction of Drew's beauty - in my humble opinion, she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Is that a message you want to proliferate though? That people of higher aesthetic echelons should stick to their own? Maybe you're frustrated because it so rarely works the other way - I don't remember the last time I was asked to accept a female romantic lead who was "punching above her weight class" - though it does happen (I just don't want to name names at the risk of offending - I leave that to the experts). I suppose if it were more commonplace though you, as a woman, wouldn't be so offended and might have taken it a bit easier in pointing out the disparity of our looks in "going the distance". Regardless, I really meant what I said about your writing - I love film too and I love reading about it - so keep up the good work and I'll try to pick better projects (though I did love filming that one) but short of some reconstructive surgery, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about my mug (blame god and/or my parents on that one). Take care and hopefully one day our paths will cross so I can compliment you in person. Until then, best wishes and be proud and confident in your role as a film critic - you're a damn good one.

-Justin Long

ps I swear to god it's me and I swear (as emphatically) that I'm not being sarcastic.

Orange then responded:

I was really thrilled to see the responses here, especially, of course that left by Justin Long. Thank you for reading the essay and for responding so thoughtfully and generously; I hope our paths cross as well, so I can repay your compliments.

So, here's to happy endings and thoughtful actors without insane egos!

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  • Patrick McEvoy-Halston says:

    Justin, next time you're at an Apple store, please point out one person amongst the pictured many advertising the products, who isn't all healthy glow and beauty. If you can't find one, please consider that it is rather unlikely Apple would make the sole exception, THE person it's chosen to embody Mac. No mook with half-formed features is going to pass for the accessible suavity and elegance, that is Mac.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't understand your comment. What is the point you are trying to make?

  • Patrick McEvoy-Halston says:

    I am suggesting that it is rather unlikely that Justin is in fact "insightfully" characterized / identified as an "affectless mook with half-formed features, " that is, as a Frankensteinian (monster) character, given that Apple chose him to embody their graceful, non-PCish, products. If "they" had picked him for PC, then, yes, he would have reason to be insisting to Michelle that though he obviously pales in comparison to the beautiful, something may yet be said for his personality. As is, he accedes to what is not at all apparent.

  • Morgan says:

    Justin Long's not ugly, even for an actor. At least not in anything I've seen him in. Or is there a standard that my opinion falls short of. I'm confused. Why am I commenting on this?

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