Movieline Archive Suggests Denise Richards Should Have Listened to Her Own Advice

richards-120.jpgMuch like a painful cut on the roof of your mouth, this Charlie Sheen incident just won't go away. It was revealed today that the hooker Sheen was found with at the Plaza Hotel wasn't a hooker at all, but actually porn star Capri Anderson. TMZ even unearthed a photo of Anderson and Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, at restaurant Daniel a mere hours before the actor was making a mess in his hotel room. If only Richards had heeded her own advice from this 1999 Movieline interview, though, things might have been different: "People say all the time, 'Never date an actor.' I say, 'That depends on the actor.'" Better luck next time, Denise. [The Vault]


  • Brian says:

    This "story" was originally reported online as "Charlie Sheen found with hooker in trashed hotel room." Except that the room wasn't trashed and the woman wasn't a hooker. Gotta love accuracy in the media.