Erin Andrews on Dancing with the Stars' Surprise Elimination and Reuniting with Maks

erinandrewsivu225.jpgThank God we have ESPN commentator Erin Andrews on the line to talk about this week's devastating Dancing with the Stars results. She keeps us sane! This week we quiz her on watching the show in person, Brandy's drive to win, the plight of Audrina Patridge, and catching up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Lots to discuss, dish, and lament. Let's roll.

OK, Erin, you watched the show in person this week. How was sitting just outside the Celebrity Aquarium?

I had a great time. It was very emotional for me, because that was such a special time for me. Like Margaret Cho said and like I told you before, it was a lot of therapy. Just a great group and family surrounding me, so it was emotional to come back. I was so excited to see everyone, to see Maks and spend time with him, and also to meet Brandy as well.

Yeah, you got to witness the Brandy-Maks dynamic firsthand. What did you think?

I liked it! You know, I thought their dance was great. I thought he kind of stole the show with the leather pants -- no offense to Brandy. I mean, he comes out in those pants and it's like, what else are you supposed to focus on? But I loved meeting her. She was great. You can tell she really, really, really wants to win this thing. She kept saying it over and over. She kept saying, "I really want to win this. I really want to win this." She said she was glad I was came and she appreciated the support. So I enjoyed meeting her.

What did you and Maks talk about?

Um, what did we talk about? Well, we didn't get to say much before the show, just quick hellos and hugging and everything. Then after the show we did the press line and we met up and all went to dinner as a big group. We watched the end of the Monday Night Football and talked a little bit about the season, which was great. With my schedule and his schedule, I hadn't really had a chance to catch up on all the dirt with the cast and catch up with him on his life and his family's too.

Tell us about watching the dancing in person. Did you notice things we have missed at home?

Gosh. I don't know, because the viewers are really smart and in tune with everything. Let's see: I really thought Bristol did a very good job. I was impressed with how poised she was. I thought her technique was a lot better, and I loved that she was in character -- the hair flip, the tongue thing. I actually didn't think in person that Kurt's dance was bad at all. I think he was kind of gypped with the scores. That show is so crazy. Being on the show, you kind of see that. There are just nights you get picked on. I thought that happened with Jennifer; I thought her dance was great. There was a point where she slipped, and I know Carrie Ann said it was a little out of control. Being there in person, I didn't think it was out of control at all. The one part where she slipped and lost it a little bit, she was coming out of a turn, a really fast one. I thought maybe she was just a little dizzy or that the floor was slippery. But I didn't think the whole thing was a mess.

Kurt and Jennifer scored the lowest this week, and that seemed like b.s. to me. I mean, Rick Fox beat Jennifer Grey by four points. What do you make of that?

I just feel like when you do the show, you know there are shows when you'll be picked on. It won't be your night. That was the case for Kurt and Jennifer, and I actually told Kurt at the end of the night -- I'd talked to his wife for a little bit -- I said, "Please don't get frustrated with this. This is how this show goes." One night you're going to be singled out and you'll think you're going to feel like you're going home the next day. And next week you come out and you're praised and you think, "OK, I don't think I did that well." So I just wanted to make Kurt understand, "I think you're doing a fabulous job." I think women at home appreciate the fact that he's never danced in his life and he's just giving it his all. I think he's going to be fine.

In fact, it's probably good to have a bad week. Then people remember to vote for you. Otherwise you end up like Audrina did yesterday!

I'm... stunned. Are you stunned?


Ha! I was shocked. I was actually flying back from LA, and I hadn't gotten to see the show. When I landed, I read Maks's Twitter, and it said, "America got it wrong." And I was like, "What?!" They were the last people I thought would be eliminated. I was with Tony [Dovolani, Audrina's partner] at dinner the night before. Let me tell you, there are some nights you think you're going home. But that was not the vibe any of us felt about those two.

Ouch, you got to talk to them the night before? Were they at all pessimistic? I mean, they tied for second place this week.

Second place. It was unbelievable. I don't think either one of them had the sense they'd be leaving at all. I think everyone kind of thought, "Ehh, maybe this person will go, that person. Maybe it's time for that person to go." But not those two!

I know you said Bristol did better this week, but how optimistic are you for her future on the show?

I don't know. It's just going to get harder. Obviously the night of the dance marathon that night, I was there. But they're going to have to start doing two dances. It's going to get worse. The competition will get more difficult. I mean, if she can stay in it, and I know she wants to, I'm all for it. Good for her. But it's just going to start getting harder. I don't remember what her criticism was that night, but I thought she did have the technique. Her technique looked great. She's just got to let herself go, emotions-wise. I don't know what dances she has coming up, but it's not going to be any easier. And the judges aren't going to get any easier as well.

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  • bethstern says:

    She looks hot in this photo, but in general I think she's starting to look tired.

  • ten says:

    I totally agree about this season cast being so well behaved. That's I'm not really enjoying the show! Last season was great in terms of dancing and personalities shining such as yours and Niecy.

  • Flor says:

    Wow, she really hates Brandy. Sorry Erin, Brandy is better than you and she and Maks have a great partnership. Get over it.

  • Nina says:

    I think Erin's and Maks partnership last season was one of THE best of the 11 season of DWTS! I miss their chemistry and their banter and everything about them. Brandy is doing fine with Maks, but she doesn't have that thing Erin had. And of course Erin doesn't hate Brandy.

  • Southern Maryland says:

    I think Erin is going to prevent Brandy and Maksim from winning the title. Everyone keeps talking about how great EA and Maks looked as a couple. That's not good!

  • SMH says:

    It's official, Erin is a hater. Maks' really should put her in her place because it seems like she's impinging on Brandy and Maks' partnership. I think she's fearing that Maks like's Brandy more than her and personally I think he does. Erin, just support your former partner and take a backseat, your season is gone and never coming back.

  • Erin was so happy to see you at DWTS It was the highlite of the nite I want to thank you so much for giving us our "HAPPY MAKS" back he has done a 180 since being with you I just hope he keeps it up and he and Brandy can win that MBT, they deserve it!!
    I still don't like the themed nites and the dancing is being forgotten and voters vote for couple who puts on the best show,of course we all know who stole the show last nite in the tight leather pants they were great!!
    I think season 10 was a much better season there was more dancing and the cast was much closer and friendlier. I really liked you and Maks the best and I would love to see you two dance on the show again.I really like the pictures of you and Maks together it made my heart skip a beat there is nothing but love on those faces .
    I thought it was very wrong for Tony and Audrina to get sent home last nite Maks was right "America got it wrong "
    Look forward to reading your comments next week , everyone loves hearing from you.
    No Erin does not hate Brandy!!

  • Jennie says:

    Erin sounds jealous of Maks and Brandy's friendship. How many times will Erin stress Brandy said about wanting to win. Erin wasn't kidding about starting trouble. Pointing out Brandy was praying and closing her eyes. Yes,I do believe Brandy can handle it. Last season on DWTS Mel B was in the audience . Now Erin would like to meet Mel B and to disclose that Maks really loved her. Erin is Messy and immature.

  • shari says:

    why is everyonge picking on erin. she wasn't dissing brandy just letting us know that maks is preparing her for worst days to come. I can't believe you people trying to twist things around.
    Plus, it is true that season 10 cast was more outgoing than season 11 cast. everyone in season 11 is more to themselves than mingling with each other witch makes them look dull and boring. maybe the guys get along better with the pros playing football, but overall season 11 cast is boring.
    to you haters. go crawl under a rock and stay there!

  • cjinsd says:

    What are you guys, like 12 years old? There is not one thing Erin said that could even remotely be twisted around to make her sound like she hates Brandy. You people are idiots. Erin is just saying what she heard/saw. She has no agenda. Get over yourselves.
    Keep up the Maks talk, Erin. I look forward to your insights. Oh, I had to watch Maks & Brandy's tango a second time to actually notice the dancing. Those leather pants were quite the distraction. Wow!

  • Heather says:

    Erin is so cool. I always feel good for her.

  • Dwts fan says:

    If Maks fans want him to win MBT then u better unite and fast. Their DI ranking has been very low last few weeks & its been accurate so far. Why do this to him when he has a great chance to win. He loves all his partners and obviously whatever you think, he and Erin are still friends. DWTS is his JOB. It is possible to like Erin and Brandy and Maks or any combo. But geez support Maks. -twitter