Is Charlie Sheen Rehab-Proof? Movieline's Archives Suggest So

As you've no doubt heard, Charlie Sheen is back in the news today, which is usually what happens when the cops are called to your hotel room at 2 a.m. and find you naked, ranting and cavorting with a prostitute. Of course this isn't the first time that Sheen has been the subject of scandalous tabloid fodder and it probably won't be the last. As his 1994 interview with Movieline shows, the Two and a Half Men star simply might be rehab-proof.

While filming the 1994 bomb Terminal Velocity -- said Sheen: "You watch -- this movie will survive a long time" -- the embattled star spoke at length about his prodigious stamina and lust for all vices. Take this excerpt, where Sheen recalls a meeting he had with Julia Roberts.

"I had a couple of dinners with Julia [Roberts] before I left for Vienna to do The Three Musketeers," Sheen says when I ask him about the prospect of working with her. "We got along pretty good. She's a pretty bright lady, a lot of energy. Inside of five minutes, she's asking me what kind of interests I have, hobbies, and as I got to each of them, she tells me, 'I don't eat red meat,' 'I don't like baseball,' 'I don't like muscle cars,' 'I don't like guns.' And I'm looking at her and ... well, I mean, I like Kiefer [Sutherland] and I'm thinking, 'Should I call him for tips?' But then, I'm also thinking that I'm gonna go off and do this movie with him in a couple of weeks. And if something went down between her and me, I wouldn't want to have to lie to him, you know? I'm not saying that I could have done anything with her, but who knows? I mean, she was shutting down 'The Machine,' which is the nickname my friends gave me, 'cause I go, like, all night, whatever I'm doing. But Julia was shooting me down pretty hard. Which happens. But rarely."

The Machine. Got it. Sheen also passed along the story of his deflowering, which -- oddly prescient -- came during an encounter with a lady of the evening.

"I lost my virginity in Vegas. I was, like, 15. Pop [Martin Sheen] took me and my cousin Joey, who was visiting from Ohio, to Vegas. Pop goes to sleep about 10. We were leaving the next day, so Joey and I are looking through the phone book, 'cause we know this is the place, right? And we find a number and call them up and we set the deal and they send the girl, right? And she shows up. About 26. Tits. Ass. Legs. A f***ing red-haired bombshell sent from the heavens. [...] She was cool. She knew right away it was my maiden voyage. My knowledge was like, 'Do this and repeat if necessary,' like straight out of the sex manual. As brief as it was, it was crazily enjoyable. It was also immediately addicting. Right down my alley, man."

As for where Sheen's career goes from here, that's anyone's guess. He still has the friendly confines of Two and a Half Men to call home -- as of this posting, CBS hasn't made a statement about Sheen's latest indiscretion -- but you have to wonder how long that can last with him becoming a quarterly fixture in the tabloids. If the sitcom does go up in smoke, though, maybe Sheen can get himself a guest spot on True Blood.

"I'd rather be making f***ing Terminal Velocity than ever be a f***ing vampire."

Ah, guess not. Anyway, do yourself a favor and read the rest of this bananas interview, if only because of Sheen's thoughts on Marisa Tomei ("When she won [the Oscar] against those incredible actresses, I went, 'What the f***? Did we all see the same f***ing movie?'"), Sean Young ("She's out of her f***ing tree, but I bet she's a great jam, though"), and his lost dream project: An adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption co-starring Nicolas Cage.

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