Killer Casting: 5 Actors Who Could Replace Wesley Snipes In Blade

At long, long last we may be getting a fourth installment of the Blade saga. The only problem is that the vampire-killing title character, so wonderfully played by one Wesley Snipes, is going to be unavailable for about three years. You know, with prison and all. So! Considering the hunt is reportedly on for a replacement, Movieline offers five tax-paying actors who are more than up to the challenge -- and look amazing in shades.

· Angelina Jolie

This one's obvious. Jolie already took over for a man (and raked in some serious cash) when she landed the title role in Salt. She's got the body for leather and the lady can seriously rock a duster. Plus, she's going to need some more money to fund her Bosnian rape-romance directorial debut.

· Taylor Lautner

The Tasmanian Lautner himself has the body and stoic charm the role requires and a built in audience of screaming tweens. Even better, dude already hates vampires! Get Selena Gomez and one of those Jonas kids as his sidekicks and we are good to go.

· Zach Galifianakis

He's done funny and gone serious, but how about a little action flick for Hollywood's favorite curmudgeon? He can rely on his good humor to diffuse those tense vampire situations, and homeboy looked amazing in those Blublockers in The Hangover.

· Jon Hamm

That Superman thing doesn't look like it's going to work out, so maybe Don Draper can update his resume as a dapper action hero. I've always wanted to see Blade unwind with a nice glass of bourbon after a long night.

· Liam Neeson

He seems to be the go-to guy for these sorts of things nowadays.


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