20 Alternate Titles for the Matt Damon-less The Bourne Legacy

Despite the title The Bourne Legacy, Universal has officially confirmed that neither title character Jason Bourne nor star Matt Damon will appear in the fourth Bourne film. This troubling development prompted the thought that there might be a more appropriate title to capture the hearts and minds of those feeling scorned by the absence of their spy-franchise hero. Ahead, in grand Movieline tradition, consider 20 alternative-title suggestions for the Bourne Legacy. As always, your suggestions are welcome.

Natural Bourne Killers

Bourne: Missing in Action III

Jason Bourne's Family

Saving Private Bourne

Searching for Bobby Fischer or Jason Bourne

In Search of... Jason Bourne with Leonard Nimoy

Looking for Mr. Goodbourne

Bourne to Run

The Adventures of Coy and Vance Bourne


A Star is Bourne

False Grit

The Disappearance of Jason Bourne

Bourne to be Wild

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking for Jason Bourne

The Bourne Cash Grab

Bourne on the Fourth of July

Trail of Jason Bourne (using unused footage of Matt Damon from The Bourne Ultimatum)

Curse of Jason Bourne (starring Ted Wass, naturally)

Tron Legacy