Daniel Radcliffe Is Wealthier Than Royalty

That's a lot of freaking galleons. According to published financial records, the soon-to-be-former Harry Potter has amassed a stunning £28.5 million ($45 million) fortune, eclipsing the wealth of Princes William and Harry, who have personal assets of £28 million ($45 million) each. Daddy Radbucks has investments worth $30 million, $5 million in the bank, and $10 million due to him from his film work. Somewhere in England, some poor kid with dark hair and light eyes who made it to the fifth round of casting for Harry Potter before losing it to Radcliffe just swore silent revenge. After the jump, check out exclusive footage of Radcliffe showing off some of his investment strategies. [FT]


  • casting couch says:

    Lucky guy... but stories like this are just rubbing it in the faces of the rest of us struggling in the worldwide financial shit storm.