5 Villains That Would Be Cooler Than the Lizard in the Spider-Man Reboot

Did you hear that huge collective sigh when the Lizard was named as the villain for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot? I know he's a pretty classic, canonical nemesis of Spider-Man, but do we really need another over-sized CGI reptile terrorizing people? After the jump, Movieline picks five villains that would have been more fun from the wide array of characters Spider-Man has battled over the years.

spiderman_spot.jpg1. Mysterio

A frustrated, failed stuntman and special-effects wizard who uses his knowledge to transform into a super-villian with a reflective globe for a head, Mysterio attacks using gas, illusions and hypnosis. Apparently he uses the latter to make Spider-Man think he's losing his mind. The visual possibilities here are endless, the back story is killer, and his mode of attack brings a psychological element into play to give some depth to the action. But instead... we get a giant lizard.

spiderman_spot.jpg2. The Chameleon

This Russian master of disguise was probably originally a reaction to Cold War paranoia and hey, now that America recently caught a ring of Russian spies, he's culturally relevant again! This villain can take on the appearance and voice of anybody within a minute. Most recently, he's taken to killing people, taking their identity and then trying to fix their lives while posing as them. I'd actually watch a movie about that without Spider-Man.

spiderman_spot.jpg3. Carnage

In my youth, Carnage was the stuff nightmares were made of -- a totally ruthless psychopath with a similar kinetic composition to Venom that makes for great visual possibilities. Introducing Venom didn't go over so well last time, but let's give that symbiote one more shot!

spiderman_spot.jpg4. Morbius, the Living Vampire

It seems like combining vampires and Spider-Man right now would probably make for the most popular movie of all time. Morbius is born when a scientist tries to cure his rare blood disease with some experiment involving bats and electro-shock therapy. Best origin scene ever? Anyway, as a result of the experiment, he craves blood and hates sunlight. He can also fly.

5. Spot

This guy can somehow teleport himself using holes that transport parts of him to another dimension and back and uh.... just look at the picture below. Then think about the inspired action scenes that would follow.



  • Citizen Bitch says:

    1. character design is too campy
    2. possible, but does he have any super powers? would think you want someone with super powers for the fight scenes
    3. you have to have venom before you have carnage!
    4. genre confusion
    5. spot is too obscure, i read comics and haven't ever heard of him, but the fights would be awesome, maybe find a better name for him and team him up with chameleon

  • Curtis says:

    What about the Rhino? I could see him bustin through a bank right now!

  • The Winchester says:

    Why not make it a real NYC villain, like Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, bedbugs, or that asshole goose that flew into that jet engine?

  • carl says:

    Spidey's enemies are so awesome unlike Batman's silly enemies.e.g., the penguin, the riddler, the bookworm. Oooo a dreaded penguin.

  • Doug says:

    Winchester, if we are talking about having Spidey face a REAL NYC villain, how about they do a movie where Spidey fights the ZILLIONS of tow truck companies that hide around the blocks and wait to steal cars and charge people an arm and a leg to get them back so that the city can continue to afford to gentrify itself?

  • spiderfan says:

    Hell no on symbiotes, no more God damned symbiotes, and hell no on Morbious I am sick of vampires, Chameleon would be lame, Mysterio would be a logical choice along with shocker or even Electro(since they're"Good" lower class villains), The Spot would make for cool fight scenes, but lets face it he's a villian from the 70's-80's he'd come off as hokey unless done right. My money is on Lizard, 3 movies and no lizard? What would that be too fulfilling or would that be "uncool with the new hip "Generation" The lizard's a badass villain if you had read the 90's comics, he's not just a giant lizard that terrorizes cities, if Craven or Rhino is in the movie then the Lizard can work... think villains that work with each other, or else we'll get spiderman 3 all over again (villains that don't have anything in common) or worse Spiderman Twilight(God forbid they use vampires)...the hell with symbiotes and definitely a hell no for vampires, bring on the lizard.

  • Michael Parker says:

    There's nothing wrong with symbiotes, the problem was with casting. Topher Grace is a good actor, for a comedy/romantic comedy. Sure he looked bigger than Toby McGuire, but you need a large, line-backer sized character to be Eddy Brock. Vemon is an over-played villan, to be sure, but there's nothing wrong with him in a movie.
    I like the Lizard/Doc Conners as a villian. He is old-school, and since this is a Reboot, they'll be able to re-introduce Spiderman (Like he needed it, but Toby's an idiot, and the writers kill off too many villians) and have a dramatic fight scene within the allowable time frame.

  • The Ultimate Carnage 14-part series was amazing. It would have to be rated R (and super expensive), but would be great!

  • TurdBlossom says:

    The more I hear about this, the less interested in it I become.

  • Brian Clark says:

    Yes! This is what I'd want if they used carnage, not the watered-down Spiderman 3 treatment. Probably not going to happen, but this is all fantasy anyway.

  • movies says:

    Lizard man sorta already intraduced in movies, so some slight (very slight) familarity with character may be possible for viewership.
    also is this a reboot - people through the word around so easily these days - or is it like the batman movies, different guy in the suit, no origin story overhaul

  • Terd Ferguson says:

    What a terrible list, unless it's meant to be bad. Mysterio is the only one of these that would make for a decent movie -- even though he's often been portrayed in lame fashion in the comics, he's a villain with the potential to be cool.
    Chameleon? Potentially interesting story, but not nearly iconic enough for the first villain of a rebooted franchise. Carnage has always been a terrible, one-dimensional character and I don't know why you'd use him in any event before introducing Venom. Morbius is just another generic vampire, have too much vampire fiction now. Spot is a nobody and has the kind of vague god-power that wouldn't work in a spidey movie.

  • Gabriel says:

    I actually think the Lizard is an appropriate way to go. He really is one of the most recognized villains in the spider-man universe. Is he the most exciting? Not really, but I think we can all expect that this reboot won't be the only one they're making. I'm sure there will be plenty of chances for bigger and badder villains to get their screen debut

  • Michael says:

    I think the Lizard is an excellent choice for a featured villian in a full length Spidey movie. He has a pretty amazing back story himself, and it's my guess they'll do a sort of contrast bit where we switch between watching parts of both Parker's and Conner's back stories. I have a feeling we'll see a story with a good deal of emotional depth. I just hope they don't re-write Gwen Stacy's death. If there's no Goblin, don't kill her or don't have her in the movie. That simple.

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