Who Should Direct the Inevitable Rescued Chilean Miners Biopic?

If you've been near a television in the last 12 hours, the chances are very good that you've seen footage of the harrowing Chilean miner rescue. Hell, you're probably watching it right now. And you aren't the only one. Considering the way Hollywood works, it won't be long before this tale of hope, unity and perseverance is transformed into a big screen popcorn movie. In an effort to make things easier for our friends at the studios, Movieline has complied a list of five directors best suited for this material. As usual: You're welcome.

· Danny Boyle

Between Slumdog Millionaire and the upcoming 127 Hours, Danny Boyle has become the go-to director for inspirational tales of overcoming immense (and seemingly unbeatable) odds. Since focusing on 33 miners seems too ambitious though, perhaps Boyle's film can concentrate on Mario Sepulveda, the second miner freed and the one who handed out rocks to rescue workers as souvenirs. He's a Danny Boyle character, if there ever was one.

· Werner Herzog

Just a total duh. Werner Herzog loves detailing the conflicts of man versus nature and he loves confined, underground spaces (see his 3-D documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams). Combine those two scenarios, tack on an inspirational score, cast Michael Shannon, Nicolas Cage, Christian Bale and Steve Zahn, and voila!

· Ron Howard

Officials have compared the trapped miners to the plight of the Apollo 13 astronauts, so for that reason alone Ron Howard feels like a natural fit. Just spitballing here, but maybe one of the rescuers can be a miner who was left behind ("That should have been me down there!") and maybe he helps facilitate their freedom. Who knows? Unfortunately, Howard is going to spend the next 20 years working on The Dark Tower, so his schedule might be a bit tight.

· Kathryn Bigelow

With so many moving parts, the rescue effort can be foiled by just one mistake. Who better to film that sort of tension than Kathryn Bigelow? This entire event is like The Hurt Locker, minus the bombs. Jeremy Renner can star, assuming he can find the time.

· Michael Bay

Because something had to explode during the last 69 days.


  • holyfool says:

    definitely kathryn!,
    this lady kicks realism butt.
    lets pray for those miners to get all well and healthy before we try to make a buck out their nightmares.

  • holyfool says:

    definitely kathryn!,
    this lady kicks realism butt.
    lets pray for those miners to get all well and healthy before we try to make a buck out their nightmares.

  • Donald says:

    Sorry to burst the solipsistic Hollywood bubble... but has anyone considered that maybe, oh, a Chilean would be the best person to direct this story?
    Say Raul Ruiz, even if he's based in Europe. His version would be fascinating in probably NOT being grounded in (or weighted down by) literal realism. Another great choice would be Pablo Larrain - I think he would catch the unremitting bleakness and terror, but also cast a cautious eye on what happens next after the miners are free (what may be the most interesting story yet to come)...

  • Wow! It just comes to show how tenacity can lead to victory. These Chilean miners have been through the abyss, and deserve the news they're now receiving.

  • I heard Rodrigo Ortuzar on BBC Radio saying that he plans to direct.
    Another rather more interesting Chilean choice would be Alejandro Jodorowsky - and he was born up north too.

  • Dorotea Ana says:

    I definately think that the Chilean miners movie should be directed by Chilean director due to familiar with culture, language and lifestyle of Chile. Not these big Hollywood producers or directors. Plus the Chilean director can be respectful towards the miners and understand how the mining industry affects Chile in a good way.
    As for someone who would play President Pinera, I would vote for Mexican seasoned actor or Chilean veteran actor. I know a Mexican actor who could play the president due to canny resemblance and bright smile and kind personality from Mexican novela. I hope that this is not offensive towards others who read this.