Sesame Street Spritzes Grover with the Magic of Old Spice


· You have to be some kind of neanderthal not to realize Grover is Sesame Street's greatest asset. He's hip, fun, not a cloying wad of whorish laughter like Elmo, and sweet! Here he re-appropriates Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice commercials for a younger audience. Sigh. He'll be starring in Tyler Perry movies in no time. [YouTube]

· Ryan Seacrest is reportedly backing a new entertainment channel on cable with events promoter AEG and talent agency CAA. Hopefully this means 35 new shows for various Kardashians. [NYT]

· Is Kristen Bell a good choice for Marilyn in the Munsters reboot? That depends: Is existing a good choice for the Munsters reboot? [EW]

· Do you still miss Tony Curtis? Yeah, so do we. [Moviefone]

· Finally, oh goody: Seven things Good Morning America can expect from Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "Self-pitying crying jags" did make the list. [Jezebel]


  • Furious D says:

    I think Ryan Seacrest's new channel should be Grover 24/7. The old dog still has it.

  • HwoodHills says:

    The Jezebel Hasselbeck link is awesome! Thanks, Movieline. I tried to watch each clip but could only stomach about 5 of them before I had to click back.
    See what happens, America, when you take a cute girl from a televised game show and validate her?
    According to Wiki (yes, it's not The NY Times) she graduated college "With a concentration on large paintings and industrial design."
    So apparently GMA is looking for correspondents with a noted history of refined journalistic study behind them.
    This woman is a trainwreck.
    But the mere fact that I'm typing about this with such fervor proves the point...
    People will watch just WAITING for the next stupid thing she says. (Either for shock purposes or in agreement.)
    Either way, that's good TV from a business standpoint.

  • Not enough pecs on Grover for Tyler Perry.

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