Here's Your First Look at Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Naomi Watts, you're on notice. The first image of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn has arrived and it's pretty (and pretty) striking. It should also alleviate any doubts you may have had about whether or not Williams could pull off Monroe's patented ethereal blankness. Look how empty those eyes are! Click ahead to get the full-sized image.


[Coming Soon via Vulture]


  • gERI says:

    Marilyn was a no talent drunken druggie who overdosed. People who benefit from her estate are trying to keep her memory alive to make money. Michelle should be able to play her because she spent plenty of time around Heath Ledger who was a druggie. We have got to stop celebrating people who were so reckless with their lives that they are dead from it, because it sends a bad message to the youth.

  • stolidog says:

    preaching to nobody.
    go take some pills.

  • saftgek says:

    I have no idea who Michelle Williams is, but she assuredly does NOT resemble Marilyn Monroe.
    As to the comments from "Geri," the comments clearly are from an uninformed poster. Marilyn Monroe was a woefully misunderstood person. She was exploited, non-stop, by virtually every person she encountered. Most did not take her seriously as an actor, though virtually no one ever saw her truly apply her talent. She was a "trophy" long before anyone ever used the term as it is applied in today's world.
    It is not surprising Marilyn Monroe took to use/abuse of multiple chemicals, and it is sad her early demise was at the hands of so many directors, producers, writers, agents, ad nauseum.
    Marilyn Monroe was far more than sex. How unfortunate she was victimized by the very community that supposedly created her!

  • Joyce says:

    This Williams person is ugly!!!!
    She distroyed Heath, and NOW she wants a career.
    There are too many GOOD actresses..................

  • Supremo Correcto! says:

    Hey mindless sheeple commentators, she used to be on a TV show called Dawson's Creek a decade ago, in movies like Brokeback Mountain (which starred the former Heath Ledger and shot his fame up!) and Shutter Island (which starred Leonardo Dicaprio), and looks better than you any uglies talking crap behind the computer screen ahh ah hahahahahahaHAAAAAAAAAHH!
    Now the only question left to ask is if she'll do some nudity in the film... then she'll really be emulating Monroe to the fullest! Money shot bayb! Skeet skeet!

  • Christene DiAnna Rose Settles says:

    None of you know what you are talking about. If you want to know more about Marilyn Monroe, google search her name. You can find out a lot more about the real story of her passing.
    Marilyn Monroe was victimized from the time she was a small child by the very people that were supposed to take care of her. She was molested in foster home after foster home. She was forced to marry very young, to a man she did not even know. She was a very beautiful soul who was constantly searching for love and acceptance.
    Again, she was exploited and victimized by men in power, including JFK and RFK. They could not afford to have a scandal in the White House. MARILYN MONROE DID NOT OVERDOSE. SHE WAS MURDERED TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT.
    She was a very talented, gifted and wonderful actress. Try looking at her thru eyes of understanding and compassion. She married older men looking for a father figure. She was placed in an insane asylum by doctors who worked for J. Edgar Hoover who wanted her dead. She was told that she was going to a spa for rest. The doctor lied. He placed her in the psycho ward. Her housekeeper was a spy for J. Edgar Hoover. She spent more than a week in that horrific place before she was allowed a phone call. Joe Dimaggio got that phone call to come and get her out. He went and took her out.
    If you knew the real Marilyn, then you would know that she was so much like a child who never had a chance to grow up. She was an exceptionly, beautiful Lady. She loved acting. She wanted to be taken seriously, but Hollywood didn't want to do the right thing by her. They wanted to have a sex symbol. They exploited her, used and abused her. She was constatly harrassed by the media. One day they raved about her and then they turned on her like vultures. The media did the same thing with Brittney Spears. Singing her praises then butchering her with their cruel, malicious and deplorable words of contempt. They can't hurt her anymore. She is free of the trials of this world and safe in the arms of the one who truly loves her. Now, Marilyn is forever young and beautiful. No one in the entire world could hold a candle to Marilyn. She was one of a kind, so talented, vibrant and yet so vulnerable and misunderstood.
    Read the whole story about who murdered her and why, before you start passing judgement over such a beautiful, talented, gifted, loving, caring soul. Her death was most tragic. It was a great loss to the world.
    Michelle Williams has a truly strong resemblance to Marilyn. Let's hope that Michelle is able to portray her in a way that honors Marilyn Monroe's memory and in a manner that is a tribute to a very unique and great Lady, who suffered so many heartaches and overcame so many challenges in such a short yet accomplished life. I wonder how all of you would have handled the things Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker) had to endure. She was so remarkably kind, generous, loving and down to earth. Clark Gable stated that "Marilyn was the kind of Lady that made a man proud to be a man." He starred with her in The Misfits. Watch all of her movies and you will see how talented she truly was in each and every one of them. Learn from her how to be a great person. She teaches us so much, even now 48 years after her death.
    "Good luck to you, Michelle Williams in your portrayal of Marilyn. Please do her the justice she so richly deserves. Please do not desecrate her beloved memory."

  • Eric Murphy says:

    Ethereal blankness? Bollocks. Marilyn Monroe had a whole lot going on behind her eyes; you need to study her a bit more. As for this Michelle Williams, she's far too clean clut to be Monroe; good luck to her though.

  • Truthbringer says:

    I was unaware that Marilyn Monroe was ugly.
    This will be an interesting take on her.

  • Chris says:

    Geri, you're too funny. and original. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?

  • Chris says:

    Too funny and original. Now why hasn't anyone else thought of that over the last 48 years, since Marilyns death?

  • Travis says:

    She looks like Lana Turner.

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