Emma Stone To Be Cast As Mary Jane Watson In Spider-Man Reboot

emma-stone_225.jpgFace it tiger: we just hit the jackpot. Easy A star Emma Stone is reportedly just moments away from being offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in the new Spider-Man reboot. The new Spidey movie will allegedly follow the comics and first introduce Gwen Stacey as Peter Parker's love interest, while Watson becomes more integral as the film series develops. Stone was a real firecracker in Easy A and might just be the perfect feisty redhead to fill the role. [Deadline]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Anyone's an improvement over Dunst.

  • HC says:

    ahh! I HOPE THIS IS TRUE! SO excited!

  • Molly Smith says:

    Jesus, Jesus, where have you been the last 10 years? Brady was a Pro Bowler with Troy Brown, JR Redmond, Christian Fauria, and David Patten....plus won 3 Super Bowls. He lost a Superbowl, and got into the high flying act, with the help of Moss. This league is not about throwing it deep every play and hoping for the best. Getting back to a cotrol offense with screens and short passes not only is proven (think 1st Patriots SB year), but it will help the defense get better by keeping them OFF the field. Besides, the only team who thinks chuck-and-duck works is the Oakland Gayders....and look how that's turned out....

  • james newman says:

    What happened to Kristin cavallari's boobs?: Today I was watching the first season of Laguna beach and her boobs...

  • mrs s latham says:

    Fear distorts reality.

  • dunst was the greatest and will always be the greatest Mary Jane Watson. i loved her and for me she was pretty enough so yo'll who have a problem with her, suck it up and shove it into your tummy! Team Tobey Macguire go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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