David E. Kelley To Make New Wonder Woman TV Series

wonderwoman_500.jpgPolish the invisible jet, because it looks like someone's finally making a live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman. After Joss Whedon labored on a big-screen version for years before it finally headed back to development hell, David E. Kelly is ready to take the Amazonian Princess to the small screen.

Kelley, the mastermind between Ally McBeal and The Practice (and who would rather you'd forget about Snoops and The Brotherhood of Poland, NH) has been signed to write and produce a brand new series centered on Wonder Woman. There's no word which of Wonder Woman's many accoutrement -- her Diana Prince alter-ego, her unbreakable Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets, her tiara or her invisible jet -- will make the show. But knowing Kelley, I look forward to the inevitable scene of William Shatner dressed as a Pilgrim to make some sort of societal point.

All that I ask of Kelley are two things: 1.) Stay far, far away from this hideous, hideous "updated" Wonder Woman costume. 2.) Please cast Christina Hendricks ... after she's finished with Mad Men, of course.

· Wonder Woman Returning To TV As Series Written And Produced By David E. Kelley [Deadline]


  • wondertrash says:

    up and coming actress Julia Voth might be excellent in that!

  • DC says:

    David Kelly produces the kind of network television garbage that stupid people find poignant, and I cannot imagine fanboys will care about this character enough to tune in.
    Kelly's almost guaranteed to "modernize" the character by having her do something "edgy" in the first five minutes of the show, but this project is doomed to suck – and to fail.

  • 2+2=4 says:

    Worst. Idea. Ever.
    I love it!

  • od says:

    DC, the above poster, is right on. Modernization would be lethal, aside from the vfx (imagine the bulletbroof bracelets and high jumps) One positive possibility is David Kelly's current mrs., M. Pfeiffer, as Queen Hippolyta. The only way this will work is if Kelly plays to the demented, heavy female romanticism that propelled Allie McBeal forward. Use this approach with WW, with no trace of the 21st Century psychotically dissatisfied, castrating manwoman archetype of today's media cloud - add up to the minute effects, but with intense old school romance, so all ages will watch. Aside from hopefully spectacular running shots of whoever is chosen to take over for Lynda Carter, this show will have to appeal to all ages to make it in the brutal, zombified badlands of network TV.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Erica Durance is free oce she's finished the final season of Smallville.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    To paraphrase Futurama's take on Ally McBeal: "She wears short shorts and is promiscuous ."
    Their song still stays in head. "Single Female Lawyer, fightin' for her clients. Wearin' sexy miniskirts and bein' self-reliant".

  • LAH-DI-DAH says:

    Why not add Oh Mighy Isis & Shazam to the plot so it can really really suck...

  • Eric says:

    Nice butt.

  • William Dwyer says:

    Go watch the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film. If they do anything BUT this...it will EPIC FAIL.

  • William Dwyer says:

    There is a reason WHY Wonder Woman got the make-over that everyone makes fun of. It was that or be cancelled. Have you seen the depiction of woman superheros in the last 20 years? Comic books are drawn for the 10-18 year old young boy. You simply need to look at the above poster dead center to realize that. Big boobs and a butt that hangs out are a prerequisite. I tend to feel that the makeover was also planned to help push the idea for a Movie...which has been floundering for 10 years. The star-spangled uniform is extremely laughable for live action. Getting away from it can only help.

  • nightwng2000 says:

    "... because it looks like someone’s finally making a live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman. "
    What do you mean "finally"? Been there, done that.
    Even if you weren't a fan of the live-action show of the '70s, Lynda Carter, among at least one other actress, has portrayed a live-action Wonder Woman.

  • OhBoyCatToy says:

    Please for the love of GOD make Lily Cole play Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She looks EXACTLY like the original comic!

  • Michael Zand says:

    Knowing David Kelly, how long before Wonder Woman ends up in a courtroom arguing her case against the bad guy in lieu of kicking his ass?

  • Who is going to be the casting director for this?

  • RDW1455 says:

    The perfect actress to play WONDER WOMAN is none other than Natasha Henstridge.
    She has everything Linda Carter had and then some.
    She is 5'10 inches tall, built like Linda Carter and knows martial arts. She's a natural for the part!
    All you would have to do is dye her hair black and you would have the perfect Wonder Woman. Giver her a look!

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