Witness Murder, Deceit and Deadpan Stares in Trailer for Claude Chabrol's Inspector Bellamy

What made the recent passing of French suspense master Claude Chabrol all the more tragic was the fact that the man was still in top form. And indeed, based on the stylish, often funny trailer for his final film Inspector Bellamy, it looks like Chabrol gave it his all right up to the end.

This one marks Chabrol's first collaboration with actor Gérard Depardieu, which is somewhat notable since Depardieu has been in about a bajillion other french movies, from Loulou to La Vie en Rose. Depardieu plays an inspector on vacation who who gets sucked into to a complicated web of murder, mistaken identity, family rivalry and...okay, I'm not actually sure about the specifics of the plot. What I do know is that the trailer looks gorgeous, witty, thrilling, and that the little "I told you I was a bastard" exchange at the end is great. And we're in good hands here.

Verdict: Sold!