What's On: Modern Family Goes for Gay Gusto

Stonestreet225.jpgWho's ready for a moment of peak adorableness from Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family? Aw, I am, dammit! And I'm also ready for Survivor shenanigans and the debut of Law & Order: Los Angeles. Join me for a rundown of tonight's finest viewing options.

Law and Order: Los Angeles

Two cops. One polluted, meandering suburb disguised as a city. Skeet Ulrich gives us mad Billy Loomis mugging as he and partner Corey Stoll take on the grime and grisliness of Hollywood. Maybe Ulrich can pop in on the Scream 4 set and figure out what everyone's problem is.

Survivor: Nicaragua [CBS, 8 PM]

With flighty Wendy and furious Shannon out of the way, the over-40s and under-30s recommence duking it out with even teams. A fight also breaks out concerning a clue to an immunity idol. I don't have a standout favorite -- though craycray headmistress NaOnka springs to mind.

Modern Family

In the episode entitled "The Kiss" (!!!!!), Mitchell's steadfast refusal to show affection in public turns into a tiff with Cameron. This means a gay kiss is coming. This means we clap for the gay kiss in primetime. Go TV, go! We'll recap it all in tomorrow's "Modern Family Family Member of the Week" review.

Never Been Kissed [Lifetime, 9 PM]

See what I did here? If you're not in the kissing mood, Lifetime has a story about a woman (Drew Barrymore) who goes undercover as a high school student to study adolescents' strange behaviors. Look out for assorted hilarity from the supporting cast, which includes David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Molly Shannon, and John C. Reilly.