Toy Story 3 Hater Armond White Didn't Like The Social Network Either

socialnetwork_rev_thumb.jpgArmond White is nothing if not predictable. His negative review of The Social Network arrived today, complete with thoughts on how David Fincher's film compares negatively to the C. Thomas Howell classic, Soul Man, and shots at Noah Baumbach. "As played by pale-skinned, curly-headed Jesse Eisenberg," White writes, "Zuckerberg may be the most obnoxious movie protagonist Noah Baumbach didn't write." Well, at least he liked it better than Greenberg? [NY Press]


  • Ndege says:

    I see all this from a positive angle: At least we know where one of the monkeys with its writey machine is.
    It's the other 999 I'm rather worried about.

  • daveed says:

    Predictable? Hardly. He was effusive in his praise for Scott Pilgrim, of all things...

  • Ewheelz says:

    I think we can all agree that the purpose of film criticism is not to engage or to inspire or even to analyze a film, but merely to 'like' or 'dislike' it in a way that is easily feed into an internet-based aggregate. Duh!

  • Nick McC. says:

    Of course he hated it, because he pans every Fincher film (and inevitably refers to Fincher as "Kubrick without a brain" who "panders to nihilistic critics"). It's quite simple to predict what Armond will think; it's not based upon what is popular, but rather who directed it. Spielberg and Wes Anderson will never get a bad review from him--and if they ever do, it'll read like a father saying his child made a minor mistake.

  • Martini Shark says:

    He's hardly predictable. I for one cannot guess if he will declare the top film of the year to be "Tooth Fairy" or "The Human Centipede".

  • Will C says:

    Armond White didn't like The Social Network?
    Must be a good movie then =) I'm gonna see it now.