Krackoon Trailer: Because What the World Needs Now is a Crack-Addicted Raccoon Splatter Flick

In a world where everything from tires to mad cows can turn fiercely homicidal in the blink of an eye, it was always kind of comforting to think that raccoons always stopped just short of murder -- that the worst we could expect from them was a nocturnal trashivore binge or some medium-grade campsite ravaging. Damn you, Krackoon, for snuffing out that comfort with your nightmare visions of crack-addled, gut-munching critters terrorizing the Bronx. Like we didn't have enough problems with steroidal bedbugs.

Whatever, I've already said too much. Here's the trailer/sizzle reel for Krackoon, which apparently has been around for a while but is only now finding the exposure it deserves. And by "deserves" I mean "it's not like you wanted to work for the next 76 seconds, anyway." Speaking of which, it's NSFW, which never stopped you before. (You'll probably want headphones, though.)

[via Videogum]