Don't Look the Trailer for Skyline in the Eyes Unless You Want Aliens to Kill You

Another hour, another alien trailer. Hot on the heels of I Am Number Four -- and whatever the hell Krackoon is -- here comes longer look at Skyline, the District 9 meets Independence Day film from visual effects designers, the Strause Brothers. So, does Skyline have what it takes to be the next great alien invasion film?

Not likely. All over the world, alien ships invade major cities and suck up unsuspecting humans who dare to make eye contact with the flashy blue light emanating from above. Scary! Also: cheesy, thanks to the cast. The idea that Eric Balfour is playing the lead in a movie (any movie) seems much harder to swallow than alien invaders. Even though those ships look pretty cool...

VERDICT: Don't look into the light.