Did You See The Virginity Hit in Theaters? Movieline Wants Your Stories

virginityhit_120.jpgMore over, Joel Schumacher! With a $413 per screen average last weekend, The Virginity Hit was an even bigger bomb than Schumacher's Twelve was earlier this summer. To wit: The low budget sex comedy was seen by an average of 4 people per showing; there are probably more people in your immediate scope of vision right now! You know the drill, Movieline readers: If you were one of lucky few who saw The Virginity Hit in a theater, let us know what it was like. [LAT/24 Frames]


  • Nope! says:

    Unfortunately, I saw the film last weekend. It was like being raped for the very first time, bittersweet. Bitter, because of my loss of innocence. Sweet, because Joel Schumacher's career should be officially over after this bomb.

  • Adam says:

    It's half dramatic experiment, half comedy. Takes a while to get over the discomfort factor present right from the beginning. There are some good laughs and the video cinematography doesn't get you sick. Half the time you're wondering how far these characters are going to go in their camera cruelties toward each other, so it takes a while to get a feel for them.

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