Bryan Cranston Shows He's a Meth(od) Actor in SNL Promo

cranstonsnl225.jpg· In the promos for Bryan Cranston's SNL hosting gig this weekend, the Breaking Bad Emmy winner comes clean about how he doesn't buy or sell meth in real life. Disappointing. Bill Hader also asks him about the Matt LeBlanc movie that never was, Cranston Checks In. [Zap2It]

· Speaking of SNL, Tracy Morgan came thisclose to playing a woman (and the woman's uncle, Madea-style) in a feature film about a redneck (Jim Breuer) who is attracted to ugly women. Alas, Lorne Michaels would not give either SNL cast member at the time a vacation to film. [Howard Stern]

· Aaron Sorkin maintains that Justin Timberlake earned his role the hard way. [USA Today]

· Guess who understands the Lone Star cancellation? Ben Silverman, duh. [THR]

· And lastly, Oprah scored the first interview with Oksana Grigorieva. Well, blow me and burn my house down! That's big news! [Us]


  • bradley Paul Valentine says:

    Glad I sat through that awful Wheat Thins commercial so I could watch...more commercials.

  • w11 says:

    It says promo in the title and in the text there within, so what exactly did you think you were going to be watching Bradley Paul whoever?