Bonnie and Clyde Director Arthur Penn Dies at 88

arthurpenn_120.jpgMore sad news to report from Hollywood: Acclaimed stage, television and film director Arthur Penn passed away last night. No cause of death was immediately announced. Penn, who will be most remembered for directing Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, just turned 88 on Monday. [NYT]


  • Giraldo was a very funny comic. He was underrated, so much so that it became a running joke: Who the f*** is Greg Giraldo?
    Last Comic Standing – a brilliant show – hinged on his presence. When he laughed, I laughed. Comedy Central roasts won't be the same without him either. He's a famous person I'll miss. May he rest in peace. May heaven console his family.
    When celebrities die young, it can sober us and bring us to wisdom. In this case, if you're glum about not earning good money or being famous, please note that you didn't just die of an overdose, be thankful for that, and get back to treasuring the life you have.

  • bite me says:

    Oh my GOD. How is the only comment on this post about fucking Greg Giraldo? My head hurts. I hate you, internet.

  • dave says:

    who the hell cares.