5 Shows That Should Cast Lone Star's Now-Available James Wolk

It wasn't supposed to happen this way for James Wolk. The relative newcomer was positioned as one of the breakout candidates of the fall because of his performance on the high-profile Fox series Lone Star. (It wasn't just Movieline; honest!) Fame, fortune and talk of being the Next George Clooney were surely to follow, except for one teensy, little problem: No one watched Lone Star; late yesterday it became the first fall series to get canceled. Does this mean Wolk's star will burnout before it even lights up? Hopefully not! Here are six shows that could help put his breakout career back on the tracks.

· Mad Men

The popular reason given as to why Lone Star flamed out was that it was a cable show masquerading on network. It's a specious argument, but go with it -- if Lone Star had gotten the same ratings on AMC or HBO, it would be considered a big success. I bring this up because, duh: If Wolk could lead a faux-cable show like Lone Star to poor ratings, why not just let him run wild on a cable-cable show with relatively poor ratings? In that regard, hello Mad Men! Wolk's Don Draper-like mysteriousness would play perfectly inside the walls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, plus he could become a love interest for Peggy. Think about it: Wolk's casting would allow Matthew Weiner to indulge in Peggy/Don fan-fiction without having to actually indulge it. This makes too much sense not to happen.

· Gossip Girl

Funny thing about Lone Star: Since it was a Fox show, it was really kinda trashy and soapy. Well, nothing is more trashy and soapy than Gossip Girl. Like Wolk couldn't play a Columbia professor who falls in love with Serena and Blair simultaneously?

· Grey's Anatomy

If James Wolk is the next George Clooney, then he needs a doctor show. Enter Grey's Anatomy. There is much wear on the floors of Seattle Grace, but showrunner Shonda Rhimes does an expert job of integrating new characters. Make Wolk a transferring surgeon, have him fall in love with someone and, voila! Next stop: From Dusk Till Dawn!

· Terra Nova

The Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur series is the next big thing for Fox, in the same way that Lone Star was. As such, this will never happen -- Fox will obviously want to keep the stench of this failure away from their other shows -- but based on the casting thus far, Terra Nova could use a guy like James Wolk. If Lone Star is any indication, Wolk is more charming than lead Jason O'Mara, yet has a darkness to him that makes you wonder just where his loyalties lie. Making him the second or third lead and having him undermine everyone -- while running from dinosaurs -- couldn't possibly hurt.

· Friday Night Lights: Year One

Here's the pitch: Wolk and his Lone Star co-star Eloise Mumford star as Mr. and Mrs. Coach in an origin story for the Dillon Panthers. Granted this show doesn't exist and would probably get fewer viewers than Lone Star, but a boy can dream...


  • Lucy says:

    Sure but James Wolk for sure is "not" the next George Clooney.

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    I love this picture of him. "Yes, I am attentively listening to you, but I also know exactly where the camera is."

  • stolidog says:

    Clearly, I was being a fool when I thought yesterday's posts marked the end of the Lone Star posts.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Okay, how many of you at Movieline are sleeping with Wolk? No judgment here, just curious....

  • Bronson says:

    No one at Movieline is that lucky.

  • new fan says:

    My friend and I think James Wolk is just adorable and are very disappointed that Lone Star got cancelled. He very well could be the next George Clooney as he is just as sexy. Too bad more people did not tune into the show but it is difficult when there are so many news ones on now. Hope to see him again soon.