4 Edgy Family Situations Tackled in Last Night's Parenthood: 'It's a Braverman Tradition'

During last week's Parenthood, Sarah Braverman put her brother in a difficult situation by flirting with his supervisor over chocolate pudding. As delicious as that conversation may have seemed to them, it was a rotten dessert for Adam. He dealt with the ignominy by passive aggressively storing his resentment, only unloading fits of white, middle-class rage on Sarah days later for no apparent reason. The valuable lessons continued last night with the episode, "I'm Cooler Than You Think," in which no character proved that they were cooler than you think.

You've Lost Your Teenage Daughter to a Cool Friend with a Rich Family and You Can't Compete

If you are Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham), you deal with this problem by pouring over the Events section of the local newspaper in the break room until a helpful, interested co-worker offers secret information on a very cool band playing later that week. Problem solved...until next week when Sarah has to inevitably repay her co-worker for his kind favor.

You Are Running For Student Counsel President and Your Overly Supportive Family is Totally Getting On Your Nerves

This happened to Haddie Braverman (Sarah Ramos) last night and...boy, was it annoying. First, Haddie's mother (Monica Potter) tried to help advise Haddie on her campaign platform, even offering to buy her poster board and markers. That sucked. Then her parents announced the campaign to Haddie's extended family before she was even sure that she would win. Finally, when Haddie just could not handle the pressure anymore, she flipped she called her mother intrusive. Haddie's white angst is no joke.

Your Autistic Son is Ignoring You

That was the struggle of Adam Braverman (Peter Krause), whose eight-year-old son, Max, was more concerned with compulsively coloring inside the lines, adhering to his "routine" and concentrating on his other obsessions than kicking back and watching a baseball game with the old man. Adam dealt by yelling at his son's aide for lack of therapy hustle and then demanded to share a father-son dinner night.

Your Domineering Wife Is Forcing You To Give Her a Second Child and Curb Your Career Goals to Care For Said Child

Joel Graham (Sam Jaeger) ripped a page out of Adam's playbook last night to deal with this situation. He contained his anger, tried to talk through his anger and then -- when it could no longer be harnessed -- he launched a rage grenade at his wife while his daughter slept soundly upstairs. No, he would not be planting a child in the wife. Joel had the sperm, and for that night, he had the power.