Veteran Tarantino Editor Sally Menke, 56, Found Dead in L.A.

sally_menke_225.jpgThis is horrible: Sally Menke, the veteran film editor who built her reputation over nearly two decades as the ace cutter to Quentin Tarantino's auteurist savant, was found dead this morning near Griffith Park in L.A. She was 56. No cause of death has yet been released; Menke hadn't been seen since going hiking in the area with her dog during Monday's extreme heat.

Menke was awarded a Lifetime Achievement prize last fall at Movieline's Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, before which she spoke at length about her relationship as Tarantino's go-to editor. She rarely worked on other directors' films since 2000; her final released effort, Michael Lander's recent Peacock, was a rare exception.

Police haven't released many details about Menke's death beyond the recovery of her dog (alive) and their having located her car (locked) in a parking lot in Griffith Park. According to the LAT, Menke's body was discovered at the bottom of a ravine near 5600 block of Green Oak Drive.

Such, such a drag. Condolences to all, and as always, developing...

· Sally Menke, longtime film editor for Quentin Tarantino, found dead near Griffith Park [LAT]


  • NP says:

    How horrible. I'm not sure what would be worse: to die so young from accidental/natural causes or because of foul play. In either case, a tremendous loss. RIP, Sally.

  • jessica says:

    My thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of Ms. Menke. I lost a friend in a very public way and that public consumption of death intensifies the pain in a savage way. I will meditate that her loved ones do not suffer anymore than they are already. The lack of details released suggest something I hope did not happen. May this be God's inexplicable work alone. Peace to all.

  • Messa says:

    "Such a drag???" How old is this writer? What a thoughtless, childish and tacky way of expressing sorrow over someone's death.

  • God, you trolls even hit the R.I.P. posts? Amazing. Maybe this will be more to your level of sophisticated mourning.

  • Boo Hearne Carroll says:

    Who, in their right mind, goes hiking on the hottest day in the history of LA?! Am I gonna be seeing this on CBS's 48 HOURS? Ms. Zirinski is sending her crew out as I speak. Too bad Harold Dow isn't around to cover it. He totally rocked every episode he was in!

  • CINDY says:

    MESSA, I agree with you 100%%%% The person who "tried" their hand at writing this article must be a punk, regardless they need to be on permanent leave from the company!

  • CINDY says:

    Well Well Well 'Mr.' S.T. Just what brought YOU here? Guess that means you're a TROLL also, huh? Ya think?
    Better watch what you say to others, it might just come back & bite you in the butt.
    Have a wonderful day, lol.

  • evesin0207 says:

    I would like to send my condolences to Sally Menke's family and my prayers that her death is solved quickly. Hopefully it will be from natural causes and the family will not have to suffer the pain and trauma of a murder investigation. I also send my prayers to Quentin Tarantino who was a close friend to Sally and depended on her for the completion of his movies.
    As to Boo Hearne Carroll for mocking her for out walking on a hot LA day with her dog. Not every one is a couch potato and sits in an air conditioned room. Blaming her for her demise is ignorant beyond all that's believable.
    And you, S. T. Vanairsdale, are an ignorant, arrogant, untalented, wannabee journalist. Your writing lacks descriptive adjectives, proper grammar and understanding of the topic.
    When writing an obituary, you have a feeling for the person, even if unknown to you, and you pass this emotion onto the reader. You, however, only passed along one emotion, STUPIDITY of the person you were writing about!!
    Movieline must be financially in trouble to hire someone like you (you look like a drag queen in your picture) to write articles as a serious journalist for them.
    Hey, Movieline, there are many of us who can do a better job. Give us a call!

  • We are hiring, in fact. This ignorant, arrogant, drag queen-looking wannabee journalist would be happy to check out your CV if you're interested.

  • Susan says:

    Aw man, that's really a shame. She was a great editor and will always be remembered. Makes me really sad :'(